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Stray Kids Make Christmas EveL Special By Yelling Through It

Stray Kids make another quick return with Holiday Special Single Album Christmas EveL.

Well… This feels like I took drugs on Christmas Eve. I am not sure what I expected from a Stray Kids special Christmas album, I should have known this wasn’t going to be the normal Christmas cheer but this is hilarious kind of. But yeah we should have expected a Christmas release from Stray Kids they have been blasting out music this year like there is no tomorrow. Kind of insane. Anyway, the music video is definitely something, it is pretty fun and very christmassy to be honest, and I love the comedic elements. But the song is everything but that. Stray Kids really have their own sound now though and I respect that.

Okay I didn’t need Christmas EveL to be christmassy or anything, I expected some sort of SKZ twist on this but Christmas EveL feels all over the place to be honest. Is there even a structure to this song? Christmas EveL has me more than confused after the first listen, I mean we get some nice raps here and there but the word puns are kind of taking me out and Christmas EveL‘s chorus is kind of non existent to me what even is that. The only highlight is that pre-chorus Minho, Seungmin, Jisung and Jongin kinda killing it. But that chorus is just plain weird and the bridge kinda sends “Feliz navidad!” – I am gone. Still Christmas EveL is fun and an unexpected twist to your usual idol Christmas music.

I really like the b-sides of the Christmas EveL single though, 24 to 25 is going straight on the playlist. It’s also pretty cool we got an English version for DOMINO and I am pretty damn excited for the Winter Falls music video because that song slaps. So yeah SKZ being SKZ I guess. *presses play on Hellevator*

Header Image Source: JYP Entertainment

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