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K-POP Releases We Missed – Weekly Roundup For The Fourth Week Of November

Born out of lack of time and wanting to shed more spotlight on smaller groups, we welcome you to the weekly series for roundups, where we mention releases from the past week we missed to review but still want to comment on.

How is November over? What is going on where did 2021 go? Anyhow, this year has been more than weird if you ask me and K-POP has kind of kept me sane during all of it! We got some nice releases this week so let me not ramble on and jump right into it!

Jung Seung Hwan – Because You’re Not Here

Lina: Can you tell this is the only full length drama I am watching at the moment… Seunghwan love ya.

Una: You know who never misses? This man right here. It’s insane how everything he releases is so good. I am also certain that when you enter heavens this is the voice you hear. Five Words Left Unsaid is still carrying me on its back, just saying.


Una: This is really cute. Maybe I’m in a good mood today but this made me bop my head. The music video is also really pretty.

Lina: Why were they gone so long? This is cute!

Gaho – Right Now

Lina: Pretty sure everyone and their mama was excited for this album to drop. Gaho has established himself and this is a bop. I absolutely love choruses like this. Can’t wait to dive into the album.

Una: Talk about best song of the week. This one right here. The melody, the atmospheric mood, the verses – everything is a straight 10 out of 10.

Jang Hyejin & Kim Sejeong – To Me

Una: Cute. It’s nice to hear Sejeong singing as always.

Lina: I don’t know man. This ballad kinda hit different.

JO1 – Our Season

Lina: No idea if this is the English title for it so don’t take this for official. Anyway, these boys can’t do wrong in my biased opinion. They slay at giving me slow winter bops and Sato Keigo looks like my husband.

Una: This is lowkey a jam. It reminds me a bit of Wanna One which is always a nice thing.

Yuju – To Your Side

Una: Now when is my girl Yuju dropping some hoe anthem? Where is that pole dance choreography queen? Jokes aside, this is nice.

Lina: Nice.

Lee Seungyoon – Words Befitting One Who Loves Someone

Lina: This indie song kinda slaps. NGL.

Una: My mood this Sunday honestly.

Ed Sheeran FT. Sunmi & Jessi – Shivers

Una: Say what you want but Ed Sheeran doesn’t miss. This was such a random collaboration but it’s so good? Both Sunmi and Jessi fit well with Ed’s vocals? A bop and a half.

Lina: I have been obsessed with this song for months now. I have problems it’s almost my most played song on my phone and this collab is random but it works so well. I am here.

Baek Z Young – We Are Done

Lina: I mean that’s the queen right there.

Una: Baek Z Young single handedly carrying the ballad scene this year.

LOREN – All My Friends Are Turning Blue

Una: The title is a mood. I really like the music video? The colours and the aesthetic are so pleasant to watch.

Lina: This man kinda never missing, carries k-punk on his back.

Tri.Be – Santa For You

Lina: Not the first group I expected to drop a Christmas release. This is unexpectedly melodic and pretty Christmas cheery I am here for it. Could do without the autotune though.

Una: I can always do without Christmas songs cause we don’t have those here nor the universal Christmas atmosphere but I’ll suffer through them once again this year.

Urban Zakapa – I’ll Never Know You

Una: Apparently the new rule is that if Lee Jehoon stars in your music video, the song is for sure going to be amazing. I mean, this is Urban Zakapa after all and they always deliver. The chorus is so soothing.

Lina: Lee Jehoon Actor Of The Year give this man his Oscars.

Well, this concludes our roundup for this week! Let us know what you think about this weeks releases!

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews

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