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Hellbound Set Expectations Too High To Live Up To Them

Hellbound is the newest addition to Netflix’s roster of K-Dramas that were highly anticipated (at least by us) but it did not turn out as expected even with a great cast the drama is a snooze.

I have approximately 10 reviews to write but I am deciding to write a review for the last drama I finished. The good thing about Netflix dramas is that they are so short and easy to watch. Though I have to say Hellbound felt like a real drag and more like as if it was 10 years long. The sexual tension between me and 1.5x speed was real. But let me not take too much away before we get the synopsis out of the way. The real juice shall come after!

Hellbound summary via MyDramaList: A story about otherworldly beings who appear out of nowhere to issue a decree and condemn individuals to hell. These supernatural events cause great mayhem and enable the religious group The New Truth to grow in influence. A few people, however, become suspicious about its activities and begin investigating its involvement in mysterious events.

Source: Tumblr – brody75

Yeah those otherworldly beings (why do they look like an angry baymax) are never explained… But more on that in a bit. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t fascinated by cults. I mean you are talking to the girl reading and watching anything available about Scientology. What a nut house that sect is but let’s not get the blog blacklisted for that. Let’s move on. I thought Hellbound had a really interesting premise and the trailer made it look better than it was. I think something Hellbound suffers from is the fact that the show is only 6 episodes long. And even if I didn’t like the show overall I am really hoping for a second season as we were just getting to the good stuff at the end of season one.

Hellbound could be split in two parts. The boring, will put you to sleep, first three episodes that try to set the mood and explain the world (which it never does) and the more action packed but still draggy second half. I mean, I get we needed some backstory for the rest of the season but why did they waste three episodes on it? Why not tell us while it happens or just do one ep and then dive right in? I really didn’t understand why they dragged the world building out so much and then it wasn’t even done well?! Why does everyone just accept these otherworldly beings? Everyone just accepts going to hell? Is the entire world suddenly Christian? I am pretty disappointed at the world building of this.

Source: Tumblr – brody75

I can’t say anything negative about the cast as the acting was great. I love each of the main cast actors. It was a bit of a waste for the cult leader to **spoiler** die so early on in the show but it made sense in a way (Yoo Ahin outacted btw). I’ll say though that the cast was trying the most carrying the script and making it better than it was. I mean Park Jungmin carried Hellbound on his back! The other thing that irritated me was the r-rating of the show and what we got in the end. Maybe I am a bit too used to shows like this but the show wasn’t even close to being scary for being rated r nor was it really all that gory or bloody? (I sound like a psychopath). But yeah I just expected more from Hellbound given this was by the Train To Busan director? writer? (one of those) and the cast is fantastic and it is co-produced by Netflix.

The only thing interesting was honestly the end of the season the last 20 minutes were intense, fast paced and gave us an interesting plot twist that has me intrigued for another season. We will see if it even gets renewed or if this will die on us like Extracurricular. Overall, I kind of want my hours back. 😅

Header Image Source: Netflix

8 thoughts on “Hellbound Set Expectations Too High To Live Up To Them

  1. Well this is sad to hear. I might watch if I have the time and nothing else to watch then, sigh.

    The sexual tension between you and 1.5x speed is always real.

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  2. I too had very similiar thoughts while watching this. I never finished it… 😅 I was surprised the cult leader died so early. I was like: wait… Wasn’t he a main character?

    The prophecies also seem a bit random… why do some people get it like a week in advance and the cult leader had his 20 years in advance? That’s a bit of a stretch. I agree that the world building wasn’t done well.

    I like your description of the otherworldly beings 😂 they reminded me of a zombified Hulk.

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    1. 😂 they do look like a zombified hulk as well you are right there! I think I lost all respect for the decrees when a baby got one.. that was just too much the show is not well written at all!

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