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CUBE’s Vocals Return – Welcoming Back BTOB’s Hyunsik & Sungjae And PENTAGON’s Jinho

We cannot believe this day is real and has come but the last two enlisted BTOB members Hyunsik and Sungjae are back today joined by a pretty speedy return from PENTAGON’s Jinho.

What is this day? A holy day. We are getting three of some of K-pop’s best vocalists back and It feels surreal. Kind of felt like 2 minutes their enlistment. Jinho literally enlisted yesterday what do you mean? Why do some enlistments fly by and others *cough* Suho *cough* drag on. Public service workers I guess. Anyhow, I can’t believe the next Pentagon comeback is with Jinho again and a “full” BTOB comeback is closer to us than we think. Honestly, I want it all. Solo comebacks, group comebacks, sub-units whatever there is give it to me all and plenty! Hyunsik’s Black has carried me on it’s back for his entire enlistment and I am thankful for that. Kind of wish Ilhoon was here but let’s not get into that right?

I am so overwhelmed with three mans coming home that I have run out of words to be honest with you. The amount of talent and vocals the K-POP industry has gained back today is insane. I think one thing that is crazy to me is that they enlisted during the pandemic probably thinking it is better when they comeback but it is the same stuff still. My country is so messy I am waiting for an impending lockdown honestly. Corona is never going to leave but at least out mans keep coming back and the resurgence of older groups has been so good to see and actually has been keeping me in the K-POP game. Here is to Jinho, Hyunsik and Sungjae slaying. Also can’t wait for another Sungjae drama!

Now let’s watch the video and listen to the song that has kept me alive

Can you believe that some of k-pop’s best and finest vocalists are finally back? Seems like k-pop might have a chance next year… Jokes aside, it’s so great to finally have these super talented men back and it’s specially exciting to actually finally have BTOB back in the house! I don’t think we are ready for whatever they have planned next, at least I’m not. I am also incredibly happy to be able to delete another one of my countdowns as Sungjae is finally officially home! He’s been thankfully feeding us a bit considering he was discharged unofficially for some time now but ladies and gentlemen he is back. On that note, how much do I have to pay for some sort of BTOB-Blue EP? I have money.

Some enlistments feel like century (I feel like Sungjae and Hyunsik have been gone for 50 years) while some others seem extremely quick (it feels like Jinho enlisted two days ago). I think it always feels easier when the actual group is still active and that’s the case with both PENTAGON and BTOB thankfully – them being active during enlistment era surely helped us feel like they were here all along. I am incredibly excited to see both PENTAGON and BTOB deliver us something delicious, even though not in completely full formation. BTOB better bring us something either heartbreaking like the best k-pop song to ever exist aka Beautiful Pain or something fun and uplifting like Only One for Me. Sungjae also better give us a new drama cause we know he doesn’t miss – leading role please!

On that note I am leaving you with this Sungjae fancam that makes me feel giddy for no reason at all. Well, the reason being him looking adorable. This was such a cute, fun era. Welcome back guys!

Header Image Source: CUBE Entertainment

4 thoughts on “CUBE’s Vocals Return – Welcoming Back BTOB’s Hyunsik & Sungjae And PENTAGON’s Jinho

  1. Like you guys said, I can’t believe we’re going to see a Pentagon comeback with Jinho! The group is confirmed for a comeback too soon!
    Personally I’m really excited to see Jinho continuing his Magazine Ho project again, hopefully! We gotta hear him flex his vocals again to the world.

    And it’s good to see Hyunsik and Sungjae back from their enlisting period in time for the group’s 10th anniversary 😀

    Welcome back vocal kings!

    P.S. Still can’t believe that all three of them enlisted together ON THE SAME DAY 😭


    1. Its crazy how they all enlisted on the same day… The world changed that day but it is back to its right place now.

      BTOB’s 10th anniversary is going to slap I just know it! and I am ready for all the pentagon honestly!

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