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GOT7’s Mark Hopefully Doesn’t Take His Last Breath

We are coming full circle with these GOT7 solo releases Mark Tuan drops another solo single today called Last Breath.

Another GOT7 solo comeback is here. I was wondering when Mark would breathe again and if I am quite honest I am not sure what to expect from Mark on a musical level as I thought he was always the one in the group the hardest to read. Not a bad thing just makes it hard to prepare. Nonetheless, I was pretty excited for new solo music from him and Last Breath feels like a title name very GOT7 to me Last Piece, Last Breath you feel me? I know Mark was one of the rappers in GOT7 and he always did that well but I am glad in his solo music he is giving us some more vocals as well.

You can tell I am trying to be really nice here as I am a huge GOT7 fan but Last Breath sounds like SoundCloud rapper music to me. It’s nice, but overall it sounds very monotonous to me and it has a bit too much vocal altering for my liking. Cloud Rap yay! *sigh* The beat is pretty much the same during the entire song and Mark is doing his best to salvage it with his vocal performance but most of Last Breath is sing-talk and is giving me nice head-bopping background music but that’s it. I know this is just the start of many new songs by Mark and I like the vocals we get to hear here and there throughout Last Breath, so I know my mans has all the potential going for him. But for now, Last Breath, which is barely 2 and a half minutes long, is nothing special that really blew me away. Love you though Mark.

OT7 comeback when…

Header Image Source: @marktuan via Twitter.

5 thoughts on “GOT7’s Mark Hopefully Doesn’t Take His Last Breath

  1. Thank you for your honest review because everyone else seems to be too busy blowing smoke up Mark’s arse to be honest with their opinions of this god awful song! I love GOT7, wish they would come back soon!!

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