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TWICE Try To Give Us The Feels 

Twice are here with their first full English single The Feels that has been teased for over a month.

I never expected Twice to fully target the western market but here we are in the nonsense battle for the Billboard Chart and western validation even successful artists like Twice feel the need for an English language single. Honestly, we have gotten English version from them before. Didn’t we get English I Can’t Stop Me and Cry For Me? Or did I make that up. Anyhow, neither of those felt out of place for Twice and so I was quite hopeful for The Feels.

Honestly, The Feels is not completely giving me positive feels but I can appreciate it for what it is. The Feels feels (lol) very true to the Twice sound I think some of the rap parts are a bit cringe but overall it’s a pretty upbeat and fun song. I also appreciate it for feeling very authentic to the Twice brand even if it takes them a bit back to their pre-Fancy era. The Feels is cute and lighthearted but not much more.

Though the remixes on the single kind of hit the spot? They might have done something here.

Lina is definitely feeling similar things as me about this release. The Feels has all the right elements to make it something I love – catchy chorus, nice retro melody, interesting concept, but it ends up sounding a bit… empty. I don’t know why this is or if it’s going to matter much in the long run considering I like the song quite alright, but there is something about this combination of instrumental, mixing and their vocals that makes it seem like something is missing.

Some parts feel a bit out of place but it’s nothing I can’t work with. In general, The Feels relies a lot on its energy, the colourful upbeat chorus and the girls being their amazing selves and in the end it works in a way. I really enjoyed Jihyo’s parts here and I think she does the retro-modern sound and concept really well, which shows here again. It will be fun to see this song performed (if they’re planning on doing that) as it has a lot of energy and creates a fun atmosphere. It’s not their best but it’s undoubtedly TWICE and their newer sound (which I love just as their old one).

PS. I feel like this would’ve sounded way better in Korean, don’t know why.

Header Image Source: JYP Entertainment

7 thoughts on “TWICE Try To Give Us The Feels 

  1. Like Annie I enjoyed Jihyo’s lines a lot better than the rest of the track. Her voice just works here.

    And I think this may have been written initially in Korean from the rhythm and sound, even though I don’t really know Korean minus the basic words. Maybe JYP wanted to pull a Blackpink or BTS?

    The chorus is the best part for sure.


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