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Ciipher Make A Strong First Return With Blind 

Rain’s boy group make their first comeback with second mini album Blind and title of the same name.

Full disclosure, I am going to pretend I like you doesn’t exist and this is Ciipher’s debut because Blind is so much better and should have quite frankly been their debut! It isn’t by all means perfect but the autotune is gone and we can actually hear the boys’ vocals and Blind is a ton of fun which is so refreshing. Rain I am not sure what was going on during the time Ciipher prepared to debut but at least now you all came to your senses and you have me interested in your group.

Blind is, as I said, a ton of fun, yes we still get the second verse slow down to get the mandatory rap section (once this trend dies we will progress as a human society), but the rest of the song is just very upbeat, which I quite enjoy. Also, ending Blind with a rap section is bold but I like it. Blind challenges the rookie energy Ciipher deserved to showcase for their actual debut song. Honestly, I like the direction boy groups are going sound wise this quarter of the year! We are getting a lot more fun songs and Blind is a nice bop and actually got me interested in the group at last. Yes, the chorus is mostly instrumental driven but I think it is fun and we get some fun ad libs here and there. Additionally, the bridge is fantastic, these are the vocals they thought they had to wrap into autotune for their debut? I am speechless…

With Blind leaving me satisfied I checked out the album and I have to say it is pretty strong. Opening the album with Moon Night was a smart move, as that is already a bop and a half. While Joker is much more rap focuses, it has a few vocal moments though the chorus kind of completely lost me. Go Ahead and That’s Okay are great ways to end the album! I am intrigued to say the least. Let’s go Ciipher!

Header Image Source: RAINCOMPANY


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