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K-POP Releases We Missed – Weekly Roundup For The Week Of August/September

Born out of lack of time and wanting to shed more spotlight on smaller groups, we welcome you to the weekly series for roundups, where we mention releases from the past week we missed to review but still want to comment on.

What a week. I am still going through some drama withdrawals busy with work and writing 100 things at the same time while trying to desperately find a place to live in another city. Can we all manifest me getting a place to sleep? Yes? Good. Anyhow, there were a bunch of nice releases this week so let’s get into it!

MeloMance – Go Back

Lina: This is so good? Please we all missed Kim Minseok so much didn’t we.


Lina: Not entirely sure why I am such a PENOMECO fan suddenly but this single album really slapped! Glad this b-side got a music video.

Una: Oh, we doing afrobeat now? I’m here for it, this is very much a jam.

Super Junior’s Seungmin – Blooming

Lina: Of course, Seungmin would come back with a beautiful song, no doubt about it. I miss him in suju though.

Una: Cute. Wish he would drop the ballad style though, this man was one of the sexiest in his group.

YUJU – Stay

Una: Loved it when the song picked up during that final section. Yuju’s voice was very much missed and I’m still salty about everything.

Lina: Una’s man really knows how to make music huh.

Baekhyun – Is it me?

Lina: Baekhyun keep the power ballad OSTs coming we miss you. I am not planning on watching this show but this OST will definitely be listened to!

Una: This is stunning. It’s incredible how recognizable Baekhyun’s voice is and how much emotions he is always able to bring through his songs.

nafla  – run!

Una: Kinda iffy about nafla after the whole MKIT RAIN fiasco and the crew falling apart but this is okay. He definitely always has that special something.

Lina: run? I sure am running twice a week good sir.

fromis_9 – Talk & Talk

Lina: Oh this is nice the chorus could have been better though! I still prefer We Go to this by far. It is nice to see them coming back immediately though maybe Pledis won’t screw up with this time but only time will tell I guess.

Una: The instrumental in that chorus is so distracting that I have no idea what they were singing about cause I just couldn’t concentrate. The concept is very cute and I like the vibes, could grow on me.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – On A Starry Night

Una: God, that’s a voice. Whew.

Lina: Re-Vibe strikes again by giving us everything we ever wanted. Kyuhyun has the voice and I am here for it. Not in a ballad mood today though.

Kriz – Chaser

Lina: This show slapped and this OST slaps even hard, definitely downloading that onto my phone


Una: This is somehow one of the only roundup releases I’ve heard prior to writing this and it still slaps. Love the chorus, love the vibes, I’m here. Nothing can top his Crying but this is very nice.

Lina: Now why is this bopping so hard? I think SS501 should just come back to us these mans still got it. Mi Casa Su Casa is a bop and a half. I am sipping my drink on the beach to this (wishful thinking)

NELL – Beautiful Jeopardy

Lina: This is absolutely stunning and I will definitely put this on in between listening to the ITSAY original score. NELL never disappoint the music video is pure art.

Una: My eyes and ears are pleased.

ONEUS – Life is Beautiful

Una: This is super cute and as much as wish ONEUS would take a break sometimes, they are definitely giving us all the good music this year (and previous ones).

Lina: Here is to everyone saying September isn’t summer. K-pop disagrees by dropping all the bops these past few days. ONEUS never rest but at least they bring us all the beautiful music.

Zion.T, Gen Hoshino – Nomad

Lina: This entire soundtrack is about to slap. Sadly it’ll take me years to watch the movie lmao.

Una: A vibe.

LOONA – Not Friends

Una: I hate that chorus so much it’s not even funny. The verses were giving me pre-debut LOONA but the chorus had to give me post-debut LOONA. Do the math.

Lina: This was going okay and then they had to do that weird break down? What the heck. One a second listen it isn’t as jarring and the music video is wild okay.

Lee Hi feat. B.I – Savior

Lina: I knew this would make me cry and it did. It could have used a bit more of everything but it is beautiful non the less now let’s hope my boy doesn’t have to go to jail.

Una: Very soothing and emotional. The lyrics were on their way to make me tear up, especially paired up with that stunning music video. We love best friends who are also mega talented people.

I.M – Loop

Una: Soundcloud rap strikes again. Love the video though.

Lina: This could have easily been on his mixtape! Very Changkyun but I like it.

Yoo Seonho – Forever Smile

Lina: This drama slaps the OST slaps, need this man to give us more dramas and music.

Una: Cute, the chorus is nice.

Zelo – Back On The Road

Una: With Lina on this one. While I don’t think anything will ever top Pray or Howler, which I listen to religiously still, this is a good bloody direction finally for Zelo. I like the music video as well, the dark-ish atmosphere because this man can bring a lot of emotion when he wants to. I like.

Lina: This is so much better than most of the stuff Zelo has released recently, less aggressive much more emotional, I can get down to this!

Well, this concludes our roundup for this week! Let us know what you think about this weeks releases!

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews


6 thoughts on “K-POP Releases We Missed – Weekly Roundup For The Week Of August/September

  1. Dang you guys keep up with everything to the dot! The ones I didn’t recognise were the OSTs (which I don’t think kpopofficial, the main website I use for comeback schedules, keep track of). Big kudos to you guys keeping track as many songs as you can to fit in your weekly roundout.

    And yes, I can finally fangirl about Zelo openly with you guys. As a super late fan of B.A.P (I call myself a fan… a year after they disbanded…). I’m going to be a bit more lenient with the members’ solo output. I guess that’s the perk of being biased haha.
    I definitely agree with you both that “Back On The Road” feels like a good step in the right direction! But damn, not gonna lie, I was kind of expecting a more aggressive take with this new song. Like that electric guitar solo at the end? What a tease!
    The song feels fresh with using the band instruments as an inspirational choice, but it also feels familiar with the k-hip-hop beats.
    Of course, when approaching k-hip-hop orientated songs, I try to approach these kind of songs more openly and instead test how much I can ride along with the beat as well as the lyricism. So having said, I’m happy with this new song 🙂

    This is going to be treading more on a more personal, parasocial r knowing B.A.P’s music and their activities (shoutout to the translators! You guys rock.) but I cannot shake the thought of Zelo having to start from scratch again now that he’s an independent artist (can’t blame him though. Not when the two companies he was in as an idol couldn’t treat him right). He’s also expressed his struggle openly, like recently he opened up saying he wants to stop smoking: https://twitter.com/0JAE94/status/1425140480522821632), and it just, saddens me. I rarely talk about this because most times I would separate the art, the music, from the artist. Parasocial relationships are scary to me.
    So having said that, I’m proud of his perseverance in doing something that I have confidence in his musical identity in which he departs from his ‘idol’ image that B.A.P and his “Questions” era molded him into (even if his current music is generally not catered for me).
    His continuous learning in English is definitely reflected in this new song, given how the song is fully English(!). That’s cool too!


    1. Ah I forgot to share this but there’s a song that I recently stumbled upon yesterday that came out a few days ago (as of writing this) that I like, so I really want to spotlight this release!
      This is Taewoo with his latest single “hitmeup”. Maybe I was in a more sentimental mood at the time of listening to this song but I quite like it! I think the music underlining his lovely voice is really pleasant but not too simplistic like in lofi music (nothing wrong with that!):

      (And that’s it for my word vomit here, Lina and Una! I think this is the most I’ve ever written for just commenting on a review blog…)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. First of all We eally appreciate your comment they are always really thoughtful! Glad you found some song you had missed this is the purpose of this roundup after all! And same here Una is a big Zelo Stan and it is nice to see him get better and open up it’s just sad that he had to deal with two bad companies already at his young age! At least now he has the change to do what he wants.

        We will definitely check out the song you found as we missed that completely’


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