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ASTRO Feel Alive In New Universe Single

ASTRO are back with new single Alive through our favorite platform Universe.

ASTRO are here to give us a nice mid-week song with Alive (VIXX’s Alive playing in the background) and it’s a welcomed release, even though it’s obviously not their best work. Always You & Knock exist for a reason. Jokes aside, Alive definitely sounds more like their Blue Flame/Knock eras and I like that style for ASTRO a lot. It definitely seems like something they have established as their own, recognizable sound and I’m here for it. Universe might be a weird app, but it has delivered this year.

Alive‘s best moments are it’s verses and post-choruses because they hold the most of ASTRO-energy inside themselves and bring the most melody to the song. MJ’s parts are particularly good in Alive, as expected, and this really does sound like something we would’ve heard from ASTRO one or two years ago. I think the main issue of Alive is its very drop instrumental-led chorus and not the kind I can get behind of. The song would’ve be benefited from a more vocal-led chorus, even with that same instrumental in the background.

There is no need to turn this song into a skeleton and analyse all of its tiny parts, but considering this is a Universe release this is more than solid. I think ASTRO have found their style and I like almost everything they put out.

Universe is just throwing these songs at us at this point. But you know I’ll take it! It really feels like 2021 is ASTRO’s year, two very successful comebacks are behind them so this Universe single seems like a welcome treat. I think we have established that groups are not about to hide their best work on a random app but these Universe singles aren’t half bad to be honest. I have found myself enjoying some of these a lot actually and ASTRO’s Alive fits right in.

Alive feels different to After Midnight, it sounds more like the songs they have done previously before returning to bright ASTRO this summer, but it also shows some elements from their most recent comeback. Overall, this is a decent song, nice raps, a nice chorus though a bit too reliant on the instrumental which all Universe singles tend to do weirdly. Alive has the ASTRO energy and it fits into their discography and doesn’t feel like the odd ball out, so I can’t really complain.

The music video looked really cool! Wish we’d get the full versions of this without having to sell part of our souls.

Header Image Source: Universe

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