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SHINee’s Key Shouldn’t Be Ignored Because We Hate that… 

We are both highly anticipating Key’s solo comeback so today he releases his pre-release single Hate that… featuring Taeyeon.

We’ve been waiting patiently for that Key comeback and we are finally on our way to it – firstly with his pre-release single featuring the one and only Taeyeon. I was admittedly a bit worried that this was going to be a fall ballad but I should’ve known these two would definitely bring more energy, emotions and soul to it making it such a perfect release to say goodbye to August with. We all know here that Kibum and Taeyeon are some of the most talented and versatile artists in the industry and apart from being good friends, they also make quite a fantastic duo. Both of them know how to adapt to different sounds, styles and artists they work with and not overshadow anyone which is one hell of a talent. Hate that… is definitely more on the emotional, slower side but it still manages to give me everything I needed right now so this is bound to be a positive review.

Source: daily-shinee on Tumblr

Hate that… is somewhat a combination of two of my favourite Key songs – Cold and One of Those Nights and it works so well for him. He always has such a unique, fascinating energy surrounding him and songs like this one confirm once again that he’s such a versatile artist and a true all-rounder. I don’t know if the song would’ve worked this well if it wasn’t by these two because it takes experience to make me believe that you’re actually feeling what you’re singing about and these two always manage to do that. I love the instrumental of the song, constantly keeping Hate that… from feeling to monotone and giving it those much needed beats to keep it going. You can tell these are seasoned artists who know how to work well together, harmonize with each other and never take spotlight from one another. I think this is why Hate that… really suits my music taste and style. Everyone here knows I love a good emotional song especially when it’s performed by two of my favourite people.

The music video is stunning, especially since it fits Key’s previous videos too. Not only do they both sound amazing but they also look breathtaking. This hairstyle looks perfect on Key, as well as Taeyeon’s pink hair, both looking almost ethereal in the video. I think the colour palettes are also well-adjusted for this kind of sound and atmosphere – especially when they introduce the scenes with rain. Two beautiful, talented humans. Thank you for this song.

Here I was taking a weekend off K-POP and thinking I could finally move on (who am I kidding this blog is here to stay) but then there is one of the SHINee’s releasing something and I am right back to where I have always been. Welp, it is to be expected we’d be gushing over this release. It’s SHINee after all and we are always bound to be a bit more biased towards them in our reviews, but also they deserve it? No one is really doing it like them being so consistently good and making me feel like I made the right choice listening to them. We have been waiting so long for that new Kay solo but I get he is taking his time and it is hopefully finally coming in September. But for now we get a peak at what’s to come with pre-release single Hate that… featuring the queen herself SNSD’s Taeyeon!

Hate that… is exactly what I needed on this gloomy Monday morning, August is taking its last breaths and it feels weirdly melancholic. Hate that… fits right in and gives me exactly the sound I find most comfort in these days. The chorus of Hate that… is much more upbeat than I expected it to be but it is still giving us those mellow and sad late, rainy, summer night feelings. Key is a fantastic vocalist and it truly shows here yet again. This man can pull off any genre and style and that makes him so unique. I knew Taeyeon was going to be the best addition ever to this song, I love how she is always ready to support SHINee in their songs and her voice suits the boys’ so well. Hate that… is a success in my book and gets me absolutely excited for KOLO3.

Key also always has a way to include English in his songs without making it feel odd or cringe-y, Hate that… is very well rounded off to listen to it for 5 hours straight. But I am still expecting there to be dance bops as well as emotional bops like this on KOLO3.

Header Image Source: SM Entertainment

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