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K-POP Releases We Missed – Weekly Roundup For The Last Week Of August

Born out of lack of time and wanting to shed more spotlight on smaller groups, we welcome you to the weekly series for roundups, where we mention releases from the past week we missed to review but still want to comment on.

I left Una over two weeks ago and I am sad, I am also in the middle of apartment hunting and Uni work and my mental health has been in the bin this week so I have not much to say. Music is pretty much the only thing making me get up out of bed every morning. Anyhow, here are the releases this week we missed but deserve a short review.

BookkuDoong – A Little Shy

Una: I was gonna say this to Lina the other day but completely forgot – why does this song absolutely slap? It has no reason to be this catchy and fun. 2D1N cast providing us with more summer vibes than some actual k-pop releases this month. Also why does Moon Seyoon sound really good? I hear you king. Yeah, I downloaded this for further listening… no regrets.

Lina: This is much more fun than I ever expected it to be? This actually bops!

Seori ft. eaJ – Dive With You

Lina: eaJ finally breathing again. These two together are honestly one of my favorite thing ever. Seori has such a beautiful voice and Jae compliments her so nicely. This is beautiful.

Una: This is such a nice song, but it is to be expected from this duo – heavenly voices. I love the melody, the atmosphere the song creates, their harmonies.

NOA ft. Ab6ix WOONG – Let Go

Lina: This is so cute! I was hoping to finally see NOA finally team up with more of the silver boys and this makes for a fun little song. Woong can’t do wrong in the world.

Una: Just here to say Woong better prepare himself for my engagement ring.

T1419 – FLEX

Una: Well that instrumental took a sharp turn. Lina was onto something here cause that pre-chorus is so good. The chorus goes into the typical hook-bg-chorus we’ve heard a lot of times before but it sounds fine to me. It reminds me a bit of Block B with its attitude and energy. Surprisingly, I can get behind this. Flex.

Lina: Nah, what a way to waste potential and a perfectly fine pre-chorus… A tiny improvement from their debut since I don’t even remember their first comeback…

Loco FT. George – Just Like This

Lina: Always here for a new Loco song! This is really nice and it is weirdly soothing, I’ve not been having the best week.

Una: I wanna be on this roadtrip. Especially since it literally looks like it was filmed in my hometown.

Colde  – It’s You

Una: Sweet.

Lina: This drama is bound to kill me but at least the soundtrack absolutely slaps! Colde can do no wrong.


Lina: This bops!

Una: She’s stunning. This song is giving me HyunA vibes. Not the biggest fan of that piercing chorus instrumental but the verses are great.

Weeekly Monday – Like A Star

Una: I also have to agree with Lina that Police University is really growing on me, these last 2 episodes being a lot more enjoyable and fun to watch. I would’ve stuck with it anyway cause Jinyoung and Krystal – need I say more? The ultimate way to my heart. This OST is really beautiful and Monday’s voice is exquisite. I didn’t’ know she was such a wonderful vocalist. I’m also looking forward to GFRIEND Yuju’s OST for the drama which will be produced by Jinyoung!

Lina: Monday has got a VOICE! This drama is weirdly growing on me, unexpected it is Jinyoung after all. This is a beautiful OST.

Everglow – Promise

Lina: Now, explain to me why this wasn’t their comeback song? A Unicef song doesn’t have any business slapping this hard. I could do without that weird Mia rap but the rest of the bop is everything I needed.

Una: In an alternative universe this really is the follow-up to La Di Da we deserved. I’m sure the chorus would’ve been even better if this was an actual comeback. Why is a UNICEF song giving us more melody than half releases we got this year. Full on Disney experience (Send It On flashbacks). The rap section was not needed at all and broke down the melody and flow of the song, but thankfully it’s just a short few seconds. EVERGLOW please give us more of this instead of girl crush concepts.

TEEN TOP’s Changjo – Hurting U

Una: I like this a lot. Mayhaps he was onto something here.

Lina: My boy finally getting to sing again. Man I miss Teen Top (I know you knoooow) Changjo really delivered a solid song here and I like it much more than his first attempt.

PENOMECO – Shy (eh o)

Lina: This is hot idk, it could do without this much voice alteration but I am feeling it. I also thought that was Solar for a second there in the music video.

Una: Love a good club song.

Key, NCSOUND – As I Become Your Wind

Una: Okay miss best vocalist ever.

Lina: I miss Lovelyz.

Baek Z Young – I want to be happy

Lina: That’s a woman with a VOICE. goosebumps guaranteed. I enjoyed this a lot.

Una: One nice ballad.

Yoon Mirae – It’s My Life

Una: Adding this cause it’s Yoon Mirae, Hospital Playlist and one amazing cover of Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life. This slaps so much.

Lee Hi – Only

Lina: As expected from Lee Hi this is a beautiful ballad, girly never misses and I am so excited for the album! I hope we get more of her power voice and rnb music! Lee Jehoon outacting in the music video too. King.

Una: What a stunning song. I got a bit emotional reading the lyrics and the explanation for it, Lee Hi’s voice truly perfect for this kind of atmosphere and feeling. She’s an incredible vocalist and I’m looking forward to her new album.

WOODZ – Lullaby

Una: This could’ve been a b-side of WOODZ’s last album because it’s so good and fits right in with that instrumental. I love this a lot more than I should for a release like this but I suspect I’m gonna end up listening to Lullaby a lot. His voice in it? Stunning. There is such a unique energy and feeling to his voice and his performance every single time that it’s difficult to explain it with proper words. This might be my favourite release of the week. Not even being dramatic. Joining Lina in wanting the a new WOODZ album soon!

Lina: Wow, this made me realize how much I miss WOODZ and need a comeback. His documentary episode which accompanies this absolutely broke me. I really like the song it has WOODZ written all over it. My king.

Jessica Jung – Can’t Sleep

Lina: Jessica actually singing once every 500 years. This is nice but really nothing special. Their trips always look so fun and the video makes me miss pre-covid times.

Una: Cuties. The song is giving me nothing though but I love looking at them having fun and being cute.

YEEUN AHN – Night Flower

Lina: Um including this for the MV, where can I read this someone link me. The song is haunting and beautiful!

Well, this concludes our roundup for this week! Let us know what you think about this weeks releases!

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews

10 thoughts on “K-POP Releases We Missed – Weekly Roundup For The Last Week Of August

  1. Honestly, I am all for Close Your Eyes, and even more StillBangtan’s extreme reaction for the song. Hell, he even said (and I quote him here), that *some* critics have no appreciated it. Honestly, that is the overreaction that makes StillBangtan himself haha.

    Onto this recap. A lot of nice songs, but nothing amazing. But really, I sometimes presume that K-Pop artists do read reviews online. If so, I wonder how Woong would react to Una’s comment lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I guess the wedding planner must be on a roll today if that’s so. HAHAHAHAHAH. In any case, my overreaction is just the way I really affirm my embarrassing obsession over other songs. I usually have this on more underrated groups so I guess it’s not really that bad. Thank you so much for supporting the Bz-Boys campaign because I can really say that it is such an underrated song.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Maybe Woong is already buying a suit as we speak?! haha Una’s comment made me laugh so hard!

      As for StillBangtan’s passion we love to see it any emotion is welcome and maybe we will open our eyes to the song.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As I was checking reviews for Bz-Boys’ Close Your Eyes and I saw some slander here. I mean yes, the song is boring, plain and dated. But I guess I was the only one seeing how little of good R&B we have this year, I guess we only have 5 good releases according to my TrackScore. So for that reason, I plan to campaign their significance no matter how y’all make fun of me for being tasteless.

    Yes, I am really a sucker of good R&B. We need reparations for Close Your Eyes slander!!! smh (this post is all post-ironic).


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