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K-POP Releases We Missed – Weekly Roundup For The Third Week Of August

Born out of lack of time and wanting to shed more spotlight on smaller groups, we welcome you to the weekly series for roundups, where we mention releases from the past week we missed to review but still want to comment on.

How is it almost September? This year is flying by I swear to god and I am still weirdly waiting for the song of the summer? We have gotten plenty of amazing songs so far but nothing seems to stick out like a SOTS usually does. Oh well, maybe September will bring us that. Anyway, this week was quite strong release wise so let’s get into it!

Gray – Make Love Feat. Zion.T

Una: A nice, fun little song.

Lina: Gray on his way to make me a full on stan, I still have a personal fear of Zion.T no idea why but that man terrifies me (I think it’s because he always wears sunglasses), but this is a bop and a half and his voice is a nice addition to the song.

N.Flying – Chance

Lina: I See N.Flying I click! This might just be an OST but they never disappoint no matter what they touch.

Una: Can’t believe N.Flying’s OSTs this year have been better than half of releases we got to hear. This one is stunning, no one can touch Hweseung’s vocal performance.

Ha Sungwoon X Punch – Johnny

Lina: The power duo we all deserve! Punch always kills it with OSTs and I think Sungwoon is a nice addition to her voice!

Una: This is super funky and fun, I’m here.

DAVICHI – Looking At The Photo

Una: Stunning vocals as usual.

Lina: This Revibe series kind of giving us everything. DAVICHI are one powerful duo and this song is just stunning!

SEVENTEEN – Is it still Beautiful

Lina: SEVENTEEN always deliver what a killer OST!

Una: Stunning, probably the best OST for Hospital Playlist so far and SVT really know how to deliver all the feelings. However I will personally come after the person behind the music video because if I have to see Junwan being sad one more time I’ll start crying too.

Henry, 王源  – Home

Una: Oh wow, didn’t know I was gonna be hit in the feels here. Such beautiful song, definitely going onto my playlist.

Lina: I will eat anything Henry gives me and this song is beautiful! I had no idea it was coming which makes this even better for some reason!

LUCY – Irrelevant Answer

Lina: LUCY have yet to disappoint me with anything. I had no idea this was coming until the day before, so it was such a happy surprise! As always the violin during the song is amazing!

Una: Fun!

HANHAE – Lay Back

Una: Very laid back. Pun intended.

Lina: Well, I missed Hanhae and I hope he collabs with Kibum again eventually! The song’s titled truly fits this song, it is pretty laid back.

PoshGirls- Got Chu

Lina: Pretty sure this is their debut? I like the kind of mysterious concept but the song is not really giving me anything.

Una: That mixing needs some… serious work done. The music video is very cute and I like the pre-chorus, though.


Una: Not me reading this as The Lumineers literally 5 times before I realised it’s another word. So fun being blind. Cute song and video, nothing special.

Lina: This is such a cute video for a pre-debut song! Nothing special here but I hear some nice melody!

Seunghee – Dear My Nights

Lina: Back again with another OST and Oh My Girl fangirling! I’ve been really enjoying this drama and the OST really fits the vibe, I just don’t know why all the songs are always so short?

Una: Was also gonna ask why are these all so short? But a nice OST nevertheless.


Una: Not my thing. Great potential though.

Lina: I’ve seen M.O.N.T around a lot now, mostly due to work but also on twitter – they have really strong rappers! Ashes shows that but I’m not sure I’ll listen to this again though even though it has a really nice flow.

Pentatonix Ft. ATEEZ – A Little Space

Lina: Talk about a random and welcome collab! Never expected to see ATEEZ on a Pentatonix track! I wish they’d have used Jongho’s power vocals a bit more but besides that its a bop!

Una: This is so cute and fun, I had a big smile on my face while watching the music video. I love Pentatonix and I was really excited for this. San surprised me positively here because his parts were super catchy and went well with his voice. Definitely should’ve used Jongho more though, I agree with Lina, because his voice is made for everything.

Jenyer ft. Gayoon – Soop

Una: This was everything I needed this year and I didn’t even know it. This 2YOON reunion really came at the right time and they both delivered such a vocally stunning song. 4Minute was one of my first k-pop groups and I still miss their presence on the scene. I can’t believe that this is the first time Gayoon is properly singing in… what, 5 years or so? Insane. I missed her so much (her occasional instagram posts aren’t keeping me sane anymore) and not only do they both look beautiful here but they also sound wonderful.

Lina: I know Una is currently losing her chill and that’s only right. I think old groups reuniting and giving us something constantly this year is the only thing making 2021 better than 2020. 4minute members collabing and giving us stunning power ballads like SOOP? Everything we could have ever asked for!

DIOS – Touch Me

Lina: Another pre-debut song! Thus us quite fun not sure how it makes them stand out but their looks are certainly something. Not entirely sure what the mans with the blond mullet and who is half naked wants but I am ready to give it all to him.

Una: Mom, I wanna see A.C.E! Mom: We have A.C.E at home; A.C.E at home:

Well, this concludes our roundup for this week! Let us know what you think about this weeks releases!

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews

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