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6 OSTs That Outlived Their K-Dramas

It has come the time again for Una and Lina to share a post no one asked for! 6 OSTs they listen to an unhealthy amount even after the plot of the drama they were produced for faded from their memory or was never there to begin with.

If you know us, you know we love a good OST and especially those which either make us want to go dance or make us want to go and cry our eyes out. Sometimes you can definitely tell something is a soundtrack, created simply to fit the mood of the movie/drama, but sometimes soundtracks can be so good and so in tune with the artist’s very own style that you completely forget they are an OST to begin with. This time around we share with you some of our favourite OSTs which have remained incredible even after the lifetime of their dramas and which we still religiously listen to.

Park Hyoshin – The Day

The Day is not only one of my favourite Park Hyoshin songs, which could be said about his entire discography in general, but it is also one of my favourite original soundtracks and for no other than one of the biggest k-dramas to date – Mr. Sunshine. I’ve yet to watch Mr. Sunshine (and it will happen soon because Yoo Yeonseok) but The Day is truly such an incredible experience of a song and just when you think Park Hyoshin can’t surprise you anymore, he brings out all the emotion and makes your heart tremble. I love the instrumental of the song as well, giving us both some sort of suspense and a wistful feeling which makes for quite a combination. Do listen to it if you haven’t already.

Jung Seunghwan – Wind

Wind is the OST of one of the most widely popular k-dramas Scarlet Heart Ryeo and is still one of my favourite Jung Seunghwan soundtracks. His voice, the melody, the emotion, the way he so easily switches between different tones and still manages to sound heavenly – Wind truly has it all. Even if I wasn’t biased when it comes to Jung Seunghwan, Wind still really has all the elements of an OST which will never go out of style, even long after the drama’s impact fades away. He deserved a Grammy just for that final melody switch up.

SS501 – Because I’m Stupid

Because I’m Stupid is an evergreen classic at this point, just as its drama Boys Over Flowers. SS501 really delivered so many amazing songs over the years and Because I’m Stupid is truly one of them. Dating from 2009, this legendary song really brings all the late 2000s vibes and makes you feel as nostalgic as it gets. I love the way everyone’s voices fit the song, giving us different feelings throughout it, and it’s really one of those OSTs I go back to way too often, sometimes forgetting it’s even an OST in the first place.

Will we ever return with another Artist Spotlight? Maybe, but since they take a lot of time and Una and I emerge vacationing together until yesterday we were a bit too busy to sit down and write for hours. So these random posts literally no one has asked for are what you are going to get for now. I promise since I am not cramped by work atm and uni breathing down my neck I will actually deliver something soon! We also have our amazing collab series for you to enjoy. But for now let’s have a look at some of our favorite OSTs we have kept listening to even after the hype over the drama died down or without even seeing the drama in the first place!

SURAN & Coogie – Into The Abyss

This is the only OST I choose out of the three I am mentioning from the 50 I was staring at and trying to choose from that is from a drama I have actually watched and enjoyed (did this sentence even make sense?). Into The Abyss teams up the much underrated SURAN and my now favorite k-hiphop artist Coogie (I will never not cry about my love for Coogie’s rap tone, bare with me). I absolutely love how beautiful and haunting this song is. I always felt like it captured the essence of this drama perfectly and the interplay between the two artists? Perfection. I catch myself listening to this OST so much even forgetting sometimes it’s from a drama. Though Abyss was good back then I don’t remember much from it now, but this OST is here to stay for me.

SHINee – Green Rain

This post would not be complete without me including a SHINee OST. I have never seen the drama Green Rain offers the soundtrack to but I just know if it’s half as good as this song it must have been great! Green Rain fits so effortlessly into SHINee’s discography it doesn’t even feel like an OST but could just be a bside on one of their fantastic albums. ONEW opening the song with is honey vocals and the rest of the boys supporting him? These are the SHINee harmonies that make their music so unique. Jonghyun is absolutely carrying this on his back. They even make this OST sound like a masterpiece and I listen to this way too often.

ONEWE – About Her

Everyone are you surprised? No? It’s ONEWE after all and Lina simping for this k-band! I have also not watched this drama as of yet! It is definitely on my to watch list but this OST? This is without a doubt one of ONEWE’s best songs! (Not topping End Of Spring by the way) About Her is just incredibly catchy and feel good – this song just always gets me into an amazing mood and that high pitched chorus? It’s so catchy and it does not feel like your typical OST since it could easily be a digital single and fits right into ONEWE’s discography. Yonghoon is such a good vocalist and About Her illustrates that. CyA also always coming through with his talent! Definitely a song that outlives or even outshines its drama!

That’s it from us about some of our favorite OSTs (there are many more believe us!) so, what are some of your favorite OSTs that outlived their dramas?

Also, how many of you were expecting to see Goblin OSTs here?

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2 thoughts on “6 OSTs That Outlived Their K-Dramas

  1. I enjoy all of Una’s picks and About Her amongst Lina’s picks. For me, I’d add To The Sea by IU from Seondeok (Lina is probably done with me screaming about Seondeok in each of her drama reviews comments sections), and basically everything from City Hunter, particularly It’s Alright and Suddenly 🙂

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