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Park Jihoon Invites Us To His Gallery 

Park Jihoon is back with his fourth mini album My Collection and title track Gallery.

Jihoon is truly one of the artists we can always trust to deliver a good combination of pop and r&b and this time around he gives us just that. While I wouldn’t say this is my favourite Jihoon release so far, but it is on pair with his Wings. I’m sure you all know I’m a massive 360 enthusiast and melodic, soft r&b Jihoon is just my cup of tea. Gallery is similar to it in its effort and composition, but it still falls a bit flat when it comes to the catchiness of the chorus. Nevertheless, it’s a solid piece of music and will most probably grow on me more over time.

Gallery gives us a lot of things that could be perfect but I feel like on the first listen the texture of the chorus above everything else is not giving me everything I wanted. It’s there, lurking just around the corner but it never reaches its full potential. Jihoon opted for a higher register in the chorus as well which can be a hit or miss for some. However, one of the many things Jihoon excels is being a mini k-pop group on his own because the quality of his singing, dancing and rapping is all on the same level – impeccable. It is pure joy to watch him perform because you can tell he truly gives his all and never backs out of any challenge. Thus, Gallery seems like Jihoon experimenting a bit with his already existing style and while I’m not enamoured with it right away – who knows, maybe I’ll be apologising to it by the end of the month.

The music video is genuinely interesting and unique and I cannot wait to watch it again. From the different sets to a whole array of outfits, Jihoon really pulled this concept off perfectly, as expected.


I am currently sitting next to Una at the airport and have to say good bye to her until the next time we see each other… might be pretty close to crying and Jihoon ain‘t helping here. You know how much I’ve grown to love Park Jihoon. I see him in a drama? I watch that and GOTCHA aged like fine wine, I can’t believe it got even better than it already was after the first time I listened to it. A man that makes bops. Gallery is concept wise a bit different than the previous release. I love Jihoon’s blond hair but that boy looks so good with it brown. Let me take a breath here and recover from the music video.

Gallery is yet again another r&b bop and I am here for it. Post-Wanna One members have been delivering this sound to a perfect tee and I honestly respect that so much?! I still think the previous release is my favorite Jihoon song but Gallery is pretty solid nonetheless. I see great potential for it to grow on me in due time but for now I am a bit iffy on the key the chorus is sung in. Like Jihoon has that range and damn I love how low his raps are and then how he can hit the high notes but for some reason it feels a bit odd to me for now.

Given I’m at the airport I haven’t had the time to check out the entire album yet but I am excited to do so. Will always be excited about more Jihoon music!

Header Image Source: Maroo Entertainment

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