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DREAMCATCHER Have A Dark Summer Holiday BEcause They Can

DREAMCATCHER are back with a special mini album Summer Holiday and title song BEcause.

Dreamcatcherrrrrrrrr!!!! I finally have new music!! I was so excited to get a new comeback and a Dreamcatcher one at that! I love how they had everyone confused with their teaser photos, that’s how you draw attention the right way. But honestly I would have been surprised if their title track would have followed the concept. BEcause is very Dreamcatcher and I am slowly but surely here for it.

Source: tumblr – luminousinsomnia

BEcause I didn’t love your chorus on the first listen but now I am slowly feeling you more and more. To be honest BEcause has really strong verses and the pre-chorus was what I was absolutely here for. The bridge is beautiful too, it felt a bit out of place at first but those vocals man. Dami is also killing the rap, though when will they let my girl sing?! But I think it is safe to say that Dreamcatcher are embracing more of pop-rock now. The other part of my soul is devoted to punk music so I am crying a little bit. But still BEcause is very nice an I love the creepy vibes of the music video and my girls look GOOD.

I am here for Dreamcatcher b-sides, always. They never miss with those and they are always different to their title track. And I think Whistle is going to be my absolute favourite from the album I think but Airplane and Alldaylong are also very nice. This comeback is a win for me and I am glad we are finally getting more music. Also love how I am writing this while Una is working next to me lmao. Bye.

Header Image Source: Dreamcatcher Company

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