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We Watched Oh My Ladylord, So You Don’t Have To

With some of the lowest rating in MBC history Oh My Ladylord finished in May of this year. I watched the show completely on 1.25x speed, so you won’t have to. The drama’s main cast are Lee Minki, Nana, and CNBlue’s Kang Minhyuk, the cast’s acting and chemistry just couldn’t save the horrible writing.

I have a feeling this will be one of the shortest reviews I’ve ever written for the blog. Oh My Ladylord, was just not worth it and I didn’t like it enough to even go into detail for the small amount of things I did like. This isn’t the cast’s fault though, Nana and Minki carried this drama on their backs. They were doing the most with the horrible script they were given. I just feel like not every story that comes across a PD’s table needs to be turned into a K-Drama. I ask you K-Drama people why wasn’t this one left in the drawers.

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Oh My Ladylord synopsis via AsianWiki: Han Bi-Soo (Lee Min-Ki) is the best thriller drama series screenwriter in South Korea. He is not in an romantic relationship. Oh Joo-In (Nana) is a popular actress. She appears mostly in romantic-comedies, but she’s not good with her own romantic relationships. Han Bi-Soo and Oh Joo-In live together.

Pretty straight to the point that synopsis and Oh My Ladylord is basically just that. I could have gone down with a rom-com with enemies to lovers who live together. But the writers had to make it weird. First we start off with a horrible love triangle, that never makes sense or is really resolved. The day my man Kang Minhyuk gets a lead role and doesn’t play a douche is the day I will no longer be mentally ill. I started Oh My Ladylord for him and I am leaving with another bitter taste in my mouth. Disappointment.

Anyhow, the drama continues to go ways I never needed it to go, ending up being semi-fantasy and ending horribly sad. And what for? I did not understand, I hated the explanation, the dialogues were horrible and the ending left me crying harder than I wanted to. I hate it here, I wish I never watched this. At least I didn’t spent too much time on it since 1.25x is my best friend.

Source: Giphy

The only positive thing I have to say about Oh My Ladylord (besides Nana being a goddess) is the amazing chemistry between the lead actors. Nana and Minki have amazing chemistry and their romantic scenes are absolutely adorable. I was here for all these smooches, which were a big factor why I continued to watch this dry and weird drama. I think I did community service watching this and telling you about how horrible this one is. Do not dive into Oh My Ladylord, it’s not worth it. Take my word for it.

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10 thoughts on “We Watched Oh My Ladylord, So You Don’t Have To

  1. HAAA this title – the GIFs I saw were cute but based on synopsis and your review, probably going to give it a miss…. also you watch shows on 1.25x???? THIS IS A REVELATION. Might need to do the same haha

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