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Mnet’s Kingdom Review & Recap – Our Thoughts On Week 10 – The Grand Finale

Mnet’s Kingdom is finally here, so we will bring to you a weekly review and recap of the new episode! BTOB, iKon, SF9, Stray Kids, ATEEZ and The Boyz go head to head in this legendary war of performances and we are ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

Opening Thoughts:

We are here to talk about the finale performances of Kingdom today, after reviewing the music for it mid week. As expected that finale was way too long. Honestly why does Mnet think I want to see a 2 and a half hour show or however long it was. I was doing stuff while it was on in the background to be honest and just sitting down for performances. And those did not disappoint. Did I expect Stray Kids to win? 100% – this was their competition to lose. Stay were annoying enough the past few weeks. My kids deserve it though even though their stage and Wolfgang was not it. C’mon BTOB exists. But shows like Kingdom aren’t about artistry but its a popularity and Stray Kids had a clear advantage here. We are here for the interactions and performances anyway. So let’s get into those.


Well Lina is definitely feeling many feelings this time around. Honestly, I only watched Kingdom performances and didn’t have the time to get more into the episodes as a whole because of work but I don’t think I missed out on anything much. The interaction were cute but MNET organized everything so weirdly with the groups being able to interact directly only sometimes but they made it worthwhile. I don’t have any strong feelings about the show itself nor the rankings because not only did I not vote or participate in anything, but also when you have shows which are based partly on voting of fans and their involvement there’s no need to get stressed over it. We already reviewed and ranked our 3 favourite Kingdom original songs in our previous Kingdom post Lina linked but this time around we will talk about the actual performances and rate those.


Lina: This stage was certainly… something? In ATEEZ we trust to give us the weirdest stuff ever. Honestly, the song stayed the same for me – I still think it’s fun but not one of their best and this stage? There was so much going on? I didn’t even understand half of it. I am sure there is some symbolism behind it and some stuff attached to ATEEZ’s story but I for sure felt like this was a fever dream. I also wanna know why they mentioned Vincenzo during the behind so much and not have it there for the performance? Weird.

I really liked that Hongjoong went to sing with the other groups, that was cute and fun.

Una: Song wise, this is still one of my least favourites no matter how much I love ATEEZ. I just don’t like the chorus and it’s not my thing, subjectively obviously. The stage was a roller coaster like the majority of their performances in Kingdom but it did kind of feel like some sort of street dance party to me. They look great although I’m so sad Wooyoung’s hair isn’t so long anymore, that was a cultural reset.

Una: If you’ve read our reviews of the songs, you know I actually really liked this song and I ended up listening to it even outside of Kingdom. It’s a typical bombastic hype song which Stray Kids do very well but with those eerie moments which make you want to go back to it. It’s obviously not the best song ever but it’s fun enough to be a good workout song or something to hype you up. Wolfgang performance is as ridiculous as I expected it to be, though. The whole wolf aesthetic just cannot be something I take seriously and so most of this performance seems hilarious to me, no matter how hot Chan and Minho look.

Either way, congrats on winning boys. Woof woof.

Lina: Why was Chan naked and why can I not stop laughing while watching this.

What a winning performance, huh? This was wild, in the most literal sense. We not only have the barking and growing during the song itself, but people being dogs, wearing fur and leashes, the whole shebang. One for the books guys. I honestly wanna know who came up with this because it’s a lot. So much going on here and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is rolling around in his grave. I mean I expected SKZ to win and I love them, Chan and Minho are incredibly hot and Changbin and Han’s raps were epic, but damn the song is annoying and this stage was… a choice.

Lina: Clearing my pallet with The Boyz and their song. Kingdom Come just gets better with each listen. I am just not sure why there was so much pre-recorded stuff here. Is it related to some members not being there? All other stages seemed pretty live and this was pretty much only half live. At least the transitions were pretty well done and I was glad to see Younghoon there for a second. And the performance was really great, not sure why we needed that dance break though, even though they kind of slayed that. The parts in the water? Epic! A well deserved second place.

Red haired Q and Eric are deadly by the way… whew.

Una: Even though I gave Show and Prove the first place when it came to original songs, Kingdom Come is exactly my style and I ended up listening to it the most out of all the songs. Kingdom Come fits The Boyz perfectly and it brings us such great, melodic, atmospheric energy that I knew I would love the performance for it, too. The Boyz are some of the best performers and they prove it once again. For a group of quite a lot of people, they organize everything so well and everything always seems so synchronized. The performance and the several different sets were stunning although they didn’t need the pre-recorded things at all. The part where they’re actually on stage is by far my favourite and they look so, so majestic. The styling for this stage was gorgeous and I would love to see them give us a music video along those lines for this song. Dramatic The Boyz are the best The Boyz.

Eric’s styling and hair are everything to me, I’m obsessed.

Una: This was such a strong performance and BTOB did what they do best as always. I love the styling for Show and Prove so much, the icy palette really fitting this sound and their concept for the stage. Everyone sounded and looked incredible and they really proved that it’s possible not to miss during the entire competition. I really hope new fans decide to check them out after this because they deserve all the love and support, their charm, energy and humour really carried the whole show on its back and it was obvious they were the glue between all the contestants.

Lina: Yeah, this should have won. No one like BTOB and Show and Prove was the best song for this finale round and BTOB really made this their show. They aren’t really toppable vocal wise and they gave us a performance only they could do. There was less dancing but not less impactful. The blue contact lenses creeped me out though. Eunkwang and Changsub out sung, out vocalled, they are insane. All of them just looked so good. How are they real. How are they this gorgeous. I’m the dancers carrying Eunkwang on their hands. Deserved. Peniel’s raps always send a bit but he is an amazing rapper and he proved it “Get lost I’ll see you later.”

Anyway 3rd and 2nd gen groups still got it and BTOB proved it through KIngdom. I hope they rest now.

Lina: I feel like compared to ATEEZ this was so much more sorted but still messy. The performance felt very iKON, Bobby’s strong rap (his hair though…sigh). And I really like the choreography, it’s fun and this was basically the most in-sync I have ever seen the iKONs. They are great performers. Anyway, June and Chanwoo looked so good and Jinhwan in the beret killed me.

I love how we saw the other groups sitting in the ranks doing nothing and just watching. It must have been a long day. Anyway, can’t wait for iKON to go back into the basement not to be heard from again until contracts are up next year.

Una: Unlike many, I also didn’t mind At Ease that much when we were reviewing the songs but surprisingly, I actually like the song a lot more on its own than while performed like this. I think it’s just that iKON (like ATEEZ) liked to make everything as chaotic and all over the place as possible during this competition and sometimes it really distracts me from the actual songs. This seems very much like something young iKON would do for a stage and while the energy is there and they bring that charm and unique attitude to the table, this performance isn’t my favourite thing. I too want to know if YGE will give them a comeback before the contracts are up or are we just going to sit and wait. Either way, if they don’t leave that godforsaken company, I don’t know who will.

Una: While Believer on its own is quite a solid song, albeit sounding like SF9’s regular b-side, this performance really brought everything to a completely different level. SF9 are incredible performers and I hope they managed to prove at least a part of their talent and charm to those who didn’t follow them before. The charisma all members ooze is amazing and they seemed to get more and more confident with each next stage they did. Believer seems like a culmination of everything and it’s easily one of their best performances in the show, together with the Move one. Not only do they look stunning but the staging for this song is gorgeous. I love the illuminating effect of the stage and the props, it made everything so much cooler and unique. Great way to end this competition. SF9 deserved so much better but I hope they gained some new fans, too. We can’t wait for their July comeback.

Lina: I am not sure I’ll be able to express myself here but this was… everything. For some reason Believer sounds 100 times better with this performance. I am also so glad to see that Rowoon joined them for the finale. Thank god we got an OT9 stage. This comeback about to hit differently I swear. I have so many feelings about this stage but I just am biased and don’t think this deserves the last place, like… no. They looked gorgeous I loved the choreography and the customs, the black and white concept ugh yes. SF9 brought their all and finished the show with a bang. So many body rolls…. Bark. Anyway, lets give it up for Taeyang’s incredible dancing. I am so proud how far SF9 have come and hopefully they gained more fans through this. Fantasy I am with you.

P.S. Could Dawon and Jaeyoon please just kick me? Also glad this is over for them, they seemed to be taking it the worst when they got bad results.

Lina: Not a performance that influenced the ranking and we will rank but it is always nice to have the vocalists team up to give us a great stage. Donghyuk show us that you are a wonderful vocalist my boy. Inseong slayed and Eunkwang looked absolutely gorgeous! I wont miss much about Kingdom, but I will miss these great vocal team ups and harmonies. Eunkwang really showed off on Kingdom damn.

Una: Really beautiful performance and it’s not every day that you get to hear such great vocalists sing together. Really glad Hyunjae was also a part of this, I love his voice. Seungmin needs some ballad single album or something, he’s been really killing the game during this show.

Final Thoughts And Ranking:

The final episode of Kingdom was pretty much what I expected and that pretty much means SF9, BTOB & The Boyz giving us great performances as usual. I hope the groups managed to make some friends and have some nice time if their hectic filming and schedules allowed them to but most importantly, I’m glad this is over so they can focus on their own things now. I won’t be commenting much on the overall ranking because these things are a mess as always but I am very glad TBZ managed to get that second place, especially since they were the RTK winners. I truly hope SF9 will gain more fans or they already did because they deserve it. While you can check out my rating for the actual songs in the previous Kingdom post, here is my ranking for this final episode and the actual performances:

1: SF9 – Believer

2: BTOB – Finale (Show and Prove)

3: The Boyz – Kingdom Come


First off, y’all better stan SF9 and BTOB after this. SF9 is about to have the comeback of the decade – I can feel it, I have been starving and BTOB always deserve it. All the groups deserve your support but SF9 were robbed and didn’t deserve the last place, I hate Mnet, so glad this is over. I find that Kingdom was overall pretty disappointing, it didn’t live up to half the hype and we only got a couple of pretty cool performances from it. They wasted way too much time on the groups’ own songs. Sigh, I can’t wait to get Road to Queendom… do you hear the sarcasm? I guess the only thing this does for the groups is give them a bit more exposure (not like Korea was watching though) and make the groups interact and form friendships in a way they otherwise wouldn’t have. But without further ado here is my final ranking:

1: BTOB – Finale (Show and Prove)

2: SF9 – Believer

3: The Boyz – Kingdom Come

As you can see nothing changed from the music review we posted mid week. The groups I thought would deliver did and the rest did the mess I was expecting. Let us know what performances you liked best this week.

I am so glad this is over, time to move on. We have something truly fun in store for you to fill your Saturdays by the way. 😉

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews


7 thoughts on “Mnet’s Kingdom Review & Recap – Our Thoughts On Week 10 – The Grand Finale

    1. Oh, I also wanted to say I enjoyed reading your recaps after I watched each episode 🙂 It helped give me a little more insight and I loved you had the links to each performance, I was struggling to find it on you tube!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I was ready to write a rant if Show and Prove failed to make it into your top 3. So glad it came in both of yours! I guessed you ‘Showed’ and ‘Proved’ that you know about good music, I wonder if you did not, would it be the ‘Finale’ of good Kingdom recaps?

    Okay, okay, I’ll stop before someone decides to do me in lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. – Surprisingly, after seeing ATEEZ’s stage, the song just got me and now I’m hitting replay to hear San sing “Humble & Kindness” over and over like it’s my purpose lol
    – I ALSO laughed at naked Chan hahaha – like full on laughing
    – Although I LOVE Kingdom Come, I was also a little surprised at the quantity of pre-recorded stuff, it felt like a performance MV and think it would have come off as more impressive if it was all live
    – I think only iKON can do iKON and At Ease was just iKON
    – Also agree that Believer gets even better with the performance – I loved that for them

    Also like Una, I’m here crying for a Seungmin ballad album ahahah

    I’m really relieved it’s over but a part of me is a little sad (I was living for spying on Jinhwan every week lol)

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