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SEVENTEEN Mingyu x Wonwoo Are Bittersweet With Lee Hi

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Wonwoo team up to bring us a Bittersweet song featuring Lee Hi.

I was looking forward to this release so much and I knew it would be something I would very much enjoy. It always seemed to me that Wonwoo and Mingyu do this wistful, emotional genre well (through SVT and unit songs) and seeing the teasers I was so incredibly happy that that’s exactly the kind of sound they would give us. Bittersweet is exactly the kind of song I needed on this cold, rainy day and Lee Hi is the perfect addition to it, as expected. I am really glad that we got this much needed duo working together on something bittersweet like this.

Source: letpetalcrisp on Tumblr

From the very beginning, you can tell that Bittersweet is going to be an emotional experience. However, I think the instrumental of the song brings so much more-than-a-ballad flavour and it’s absolutely stunning. Of course, the instrumental is only elevated by the stunning vocals of the 3 artists involved in this project and this type of sound fits them all perfectly. I cannot stress enough how wonderful Lee Hi’s voice sounds in Bittersweet and how much she brings the melancholic, rainy-day sort of atmosphere to the song. Second verse of Bittersweet is probably my favourite, both Mingyu and Wonwoo delivering a strong vocal performance while still maintaining the emotional note of the song in general. Both of them did really well on this track and it paid off because it’s going straight to my rainy days playlist. Considering we had a giant storm here till a few hour ago, this is a fantastic choice for OST of this day.

I had a feeling this would be a very positive review but I’m glad that they somehow exceeded my expectations a bit. This is exactly what I like.

2021 is the year of SEVENTEEN solo releases and I am here for it. I am glad we are branching out and getting to hear more of the individual members’ sounds. Wonwoo and Mingyu really have this distinctive style like Una mentioned and it makes for a pretty nice song. I love the music video btw, so much story telling! Make this into a web drama please, I’d watch it.But we are here to review the song so let’s get into it.

Bittersweet is very atmospheric and I love how it has this slow groove in its instrumental. Bittersweet is pretty stripped back, but the boys’ vocals really elevate the song. I personally think the queen of Bittersweet is Lee Hi, this girl can sing so ,so well. And her vocals really gives Bittersweet everything. The chorus is absolutely gorgeous. I am happy to see Wonwoo and Mingyu doing what they wanted, Wonwoo doesn’t get to sing enough during Seventeen songs to be honest. Honestly, I find it hilarious that two members of the hip-hop unit are giving us a soft song like Bittersweet but I am here because they can sing and should.

Anyone else enjoying these solo endeavors? I know we are in for a full group comeback but I can’t help but be living for solo Seventeen and hope for more.

Header Image Source: Pledis Entertainment.

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