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BOYFRIEND Return With Ending Credit As BF

Boyfriend members have reunited as BF and bring us Ending Credit, which we can’t believe is actually happening, for their 10th anniversary.

Considering we rarely get any updates more than a simple Instagram photo when it comes to inactive groups, a whole single from Boyfriend seems like a major thing to celebrate. Boyfriend gave us some pretty incredible songs during this past decade and if it wasn’t for their company being incompetent, who knows how things would’ve turned out. I already wrote about their phenomenal I Yah on the blog which is one of my favourite k-pop songs alongside their magical Janus. So even though Ending Credit doesn’t really revive that kind of sound but goes into the ballad-oriented area, it’s still above the average level for this kind of releases.

Ending Credit seems really like a sweet treat for the fans and I’ll gladly accept it. However, the song is actually pretty solid, elevated a lot by the fantastic rap section (as expected) and it has a lot of potential. I enjoyed listening to it a lot, it reminded me a bit of one of my favourite BTOB b-sides Finale (which is also a fan song). Above everything else, we are all, I’m sure, simply happy to see BF reunited like this again no matter in what form. K-pop was really missing their recognizable sound and energy and 2021 is really the year which is giving us all the 2nd generation reunions. Couldn’t be more excited for that fact. Feels surreal to actually have a BF song to write a review about! Let’s go boys, give us all the content.

This review was supposed to go out yesterday, but I had the hardest time ever finding this song anywhere. it was out on Spotify but the link wasn’t working for me, finally someone posted it on Youtube and our ears can be blessed by more Boyfriend. I think a Boyfriend reunion is something no one expected but I am absolutely here for it. They never deserved the horrible treatment Starship gave them and I am happy to see them comeback as one under BF and give us hopefully more music soon.

Ending Credit is your typical anniversary ballad/fan song. But the boys have given us amazing music for 10 years and deserve to show us their wonderful voices as well. They are just (hopefully) getting slowly started with this beautiful new song and more is to come. Honestly Ending Credit is one of the better fan ballads. It’s captivating and beautiful. I love the choir effect towards the end. Ugh I am just desperate for new Boyfriend music. Let there be more. I beg. I’ll take this for now but I want bops as well.

Can’t believe its been 10 years since they debuted though

Header Image Source: BF via Twitter.

6 thoughts on “BOYFRIEND Return With Ending Credit As BF

  1. My heart genuinely leapt seeing this song come out, it’s so lovely to see their name back on the scene. They have been missed!! Like you said, can’t believe its been 10 years (I feel like it was just yesterday that I was crying over their 5 year anniversary song haha)


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