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Mnet’s Kingdom Review & Recap – Our Thoughts On Week 8

Mnet’s Kingdom is finally here, so we will bring to you a weekly review and recap of the new episode! BTOB, iKon, SF9, Stray Kids, ATEEZ and The Boyz go head to head in this legendary war of performances and we are ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

Opening Thoughts:

This week has been so fun, the interactions we got and the unit stages? I really enjoyed this week immensely I can’t believe we only have 2 more episodes left, and one of them is the probably way too long and boring live show. But I am here for it. I actually don’t care about the rankings anymore. I just wish the boys all did the same. Can they all adapt Bobby’s attitude? Stop taking this so seriously. I also need mnet to stop putting so much spotlight on idols crying. Inseong is a great vocalist and sometimes your voice can break, no need to throw salt into the wound. Idols already beat themselves up more than enough. Anyhow, I feel like this week was the strongest so far performance wise and I just know I’ll be having the hardest time choosing a favorite.


I think these last two episodes of Kingdom have been the most enjoyable for me so far as they showed what I really wanted to see – groups collaborating, covering different songs and trying out some new concepts. Week 8 was a very successful one, arguably maybe the most entertaining one so far. Every time there is a performance I’m not that keen on but this time around they really went all out. It will be a hard time rating anything this time around but I’m excited to go deeper into the performances and share my thoughts with you! Let’s see what we have going on this week.


Lina: Um June’s voice. Just June’s voice. That’s it.

Okay, let me get a bit more into detail. I absolutely loved this performance and how they rearranged the song. The vocal units really were my and Una’s highlight for this week, and it’s One did not come to play. I love how they split up the parts and sung together. All of their vocal tones are different and this is what made this stage so perfect and enjoyable for me. Jaeyoon opening the song was actually a huge treat for me (I love my boy). I also think Spark is an amazing song so I loved hearing it in a male tone. Taeyeon even appreciated the boys’ efforts, deserved. But June’s voice by far has to be my personal highlight. I need my guy to get a solo album or something, at least once he is free from yge and signs with 131 label. I think his voice is so rare and beautiful I need more. The Boyz’ members also had me positively surprised with their vocal skills. All in all, I loved this performance a lot.

However, Inseong can outsing a lot of main vocalist on a bad day, so I hope he isn’t beating himself up too much. He was just nervous it’s okay.

Btw. I loved how awkward they all were when they first met. I live for awkward interactions give me more.

Una: Vocal performances of this week’s Kingdom were the ones I believe both Lina and me were looking the most forward to, especially since both songs the units picked are fantastic. I knew right away that I would be a bit more inclined towards Spark as it’s the song I prefer out of the two and because this many amazing singers in one place can only mean a treat for the ears. Right away, I have to say that this arrangement of Spark is stunning, complimenting everyone’s voices, especially New’s and Jaeyoon’s lovely ones. I absolutely love the way June’s voice pierces through everything, bringing the recognizable raspy note to the song which works really well. This unit was perfectly balanced for me and I enjoyed every second of it, including the fire-y stage which was a treat for the eyes as well. New really caught my eye in this performance – not only did he sound great, he looked absolutely gorgeous.

I know Inseong’s beating himself over that high note but I appreciate it in the way that you can tell it was live and his nerves got the best of him. He’s an incredible singer and I’m sure no one will think any less of him.

Una: When I saw that we were three of the best vocalists paired up in one team, I knew that this Love Poem cover had potential to be exquisite. Jongho and Seungmin, as his juniors, compliment Eunkwang’s voice perfectly and they really managed to deliver the original emotion of this now almost IU classic in their own way. Eunkwang is seriously incredible, managing to deliver both strong and gentle tones perfectly, without a hitch. However, I think ATEEZ’s Jongho really shined majorly in this performance, his unique voice is truly something that keeps blessing my ears over and over again, no matter what song or performance we talk about. This entire performance really seemed like a winning Immortal Songs stage which is a compliment on its own, but I seriously don’t remember hearing such a flawless cover in a while.

I also have to say that the part black & white, part coloured stage was a fantastic choice as it added a bit of aesthetic flavour to the performance but at the end of the day they didn’t even need anything on that stage after delivering such a good vocal feast. One of Kingdom‘s best performances without a doubt.

Lina: What a trio. Now, I knew this was going to be good. Eunkwang is a veteran vocalist, Jongho is known to be able to slay vocally, and Seungmin has one of the most interesting voices in JYP. And you know I love Love Poem, actually unhealthy how much I listen to that song. This stage was absolutely magical, I had goosebumps all over my body while watching it. I also feel like the two boys learned a lot from Eunkwang through this stage and like Minhyuk said “This is how Kingdom is the most fun.” When they all work together and enjoy it rather than stress so much. This rendition is breathtaking and one of the best covers of Love Poem I’ve heard. Their voice compliment each other so well, and their harmonies? Truly insane. Someone on twitter mentioned how based on the lyrics all three of them could be singing for one of their members. Haven’t been able to function since I read that.

I also love the outfits the boys are wearing. Seungmin was really able to shine through this performance. I just wish JYP would do more vocal training, Seungmin has great potential. His little Chanel jacket had me shaking, I am in love.

Lina: I never expected to see a stage like this but I am here for it and I need Classy Savage studio version right now.

iKON always bring the fun to the stage and I love them for that. This stage was great and I would like to say again: Chanwoo. His voice and looks were really… I am in l*ve. I have grown into a full on Chanwoo stan since my ultimate bias left iKON. Help. I actually really enjoyed how they rearranged Pretty Savage and rewrote the lyrics but kept the energy of the song. Some smart choices were made, Jinhwan going “We are some f boys you can’t manage” is a big slap towards mnet and yg methinks. I also felt like Song really shone vocally during this stage and the back drop of the stage was gorgeous. Of course, Bobby stole the show again, no one can compete with him for stage presence.

Now, lets get to the Lisa feature, this was epic my girl looked great but I hate they she didn’t actually interact with them on stage. This must be some weird YGe or corona related rule. The things we could have had… But Pretty Savage is one of my favorite tracks on the BP album so I was really happy to see iKON covering it.

Una: BLACKPINK’s Pretty Savage wasn’t initially a song I enjoyed but it grew on me over time and turned into one of those songs you play for the purpose of hyping yourself up, so I was pretty excited for this performance as it fits iKON’s energetic, bad-ass aura. iKON did their own rendition of the song, but I love that they kept the original energy of it – Bobby especially owned this in so many ways, no one can compete with his stage presence. Pretty Savage performance also includes BLACKPINK’s very own Lisa but for whatever reason, there isn’t actually a proper interaction between the artists which made me sad as it would’ve been really fun. I also could’ve done without Lisa’s bedazzled durag à-la Kai style (or as sudden fashion experts would say Paco Rabanne headscarf), but it is what it is.

I have to compliment Chanwoo for his great vocal sections, as well as Jinhwan who at this point is truly juggling several positions in the group and doing both rap and vocal parts, successfully at that. I really enjoyed this performance a lot, possibly the most out of iKON’s performances so far as a group. Loved seeing them bring their own energy to the stage.

Una: Stray Kids are nothing if not mood makers and made for that stage and performing. I love the idea of this whole cover (or mash-up) from their outfits (which I need in my own wardrobe) to the props which took this stage to a whole different level. They also all look and sound great here, Seungmin showing yet again that he pretty much can carry out any vocal concept. 3RACHA are yet again showcasing their talents as well, but we need to talk about the real star of this performance – mister Lee Know. I said this to Lina but this is legit the most Minho screen time we got in their entire career (or we’re both just biased and it feels like we never see him as much as we should) but also one of his most powerful performances. This type of style really suits him well and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Wow. This entire stage was so entertaining and fun to watch.

What’s the downside you may ask? DDU-DU DDU-DU is my least favourite BLACKPINK title and the one I literally never listen to on my own. As much as Stray Kids really made this song their own, I just don’t like it even now, the chorus even starting to make me want to skip it. This is just my subjective feeling but I would’ve honestly taken How You Like That cover over DDU-DU DDU-DU any day. When will anyone cover As If It’s Your Last… [looks in the distance wistfully].

Lina: Okay, can we talk about the JYP BABO sign because that took me out. My guys out here risking their careers for a chuckle.

First off, DDU-DU DDU-DU is not my favorite BLACKPINK title song, that one didn’t age well but SKZ did a great job combining it with God’s Menu , it was actually really smart? Chan’s and Felix’s minds amaze me. I really, really loved the Deadpool concept as well, come on this is the perfect way to use Felix and his low voice. A King. I also keep being blown away by Changbin’s rap. That boy is just so talented it hurts. Overall, this stage was really good and enjoyable to watch, I am not sure though I’d be listening to the song on its own, which is pretty much the same for most of Kingdom‘s songs. It’s all about the performance I guess.

Second of all, I think Lee Know is really neat. No but this is the most screen time Minho has gotten during the entire show so far and he got some more vocal parts? Hello? I am here for this.

Final Thoughts And Ranking:

This has to be the hardest round to rate because there are just so many fantastic performances. I think this was the best edition of all of our participants so far and I’ve actually rewatched these stages quite a lot of times. Not to be dramatic but if we don’t get the vocal units’ covers as studio versions I might cry myself to sleep, I need them so much. I think iKON really shined a lot this round in general, but every single group brought out their best assets and wowed me in their own special way. The Boyz were one of my favourites from the start and they continue to impress me with their performances. Seeing what we have in store next episode, I am literally tingling in excitement – some phenomenal songs are about to be covered! This ranking gave me a headache because it pains me to choose but this simply ranking of my own subjective taste (which this time around also has to do with song choices), so here we are, enjoy in my pain:

1: It’s One – Spark

2: Mayfly – Love Poem

3: It’s One – King & Queen


Man, this week I really didn’t dislike even one stage and it is making it so hard to pick my favorite out of the unit stages. Do send help please. The group performances are already so great and knowing what’s to come… whew. Sf9 giving us Move and The Boyz doing Monster? We are about to die I think. However, I really liked how fast paced this entire episode was the interactions were there and the behind the scenes was kept to a minimum but they were fun and interesting. Just cut out MNET making Inseong seem worse than he was and this episode would have been perfect! Okay, but let me try to rank this (let the struggle begin):

1: It’s One – Spark & Mayfly – Love Poem

2: It’s One – King & Queen

3: It’s One – Full DaSH

Nope, I am not going to make myself choose between those two vocal unit stages, I make the rules. But you can clearly see I preferred It’s One overall, the complete opposite to the judges during this episode… Let us know your favorite stages of this week!

By the way which song is ATEEZ going to do? Do we have any idea?

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews


7 thoughts on “Mnet’s Kingdom Review & Recap – Our Thoughts On Week 8

  1. I stay away from Kballads for ONE main reason and it’s because they make me cry. That damn Love Poem had me crying. SO beautiful! I LOVED Classy Savage too. I have no dog in this fight as I am an EXO-L but the thing I love the MOST about this show is the awe that all members of all groups have when watching the performances. I have been watching the performances on YouTube and see how people are all complaining but I agree with you on Bobby just wanting to have fun. The only groups I KNEW of before this show were Ateez and Stray Kids. I have been having the best time learning about all of the groups and just enjoying the talent. Missing You was added to my playlist as soon as I had seen it on the show and played repeatedly. I just thoroughly enjoy this show.

    And thank you for your reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad to hear about discovering the other groups! this what this should be a celebration rather a competition! Love Poem is just way too beautiful to handle!! It made me cry too ❤


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