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Songs We Would Like To Apologise To – April Edition

Welcome to  Songs We Would Like To Apologise To, where we look back on the songs released that month and decide which we would like to apologize to as we were either too harsh to them or too kind.

I am pretty sure Una and I are both apologizing to the same exact song this month, but we will see how this turns out. I am not sure how I feel about April, it still feels it was really packed and at the same time it feels empty? I am not sure why that is. Anyway, I really enjoyed a lot of releases this month, but also hated some. And those really stayed the same. I just didn’t bother to re-listen to those song. I had to spare my ears… some of these songs are just, welp tragic! I am not really going to include last week’s songs since I feel pretty much the same about them so far.

The song I owe an apology to is One by Astro… What a grower that song is. Una and I both have been boping to this jam all month long. One just aged like really fine wine.. not sure if it is me going numb because of the weird verses or succumbing to Stockholm syndrome but I love One with every fibre of my being now. I am sorry I didn’t hear it from the start. I’ll do better. Really loved seeing Astro getting so many wins this month with it as well! Deserved. (original review: here)

Another song, or rather album, I’d like to mention is Day6’s comeback. As much as I enjoyed You Make Me on the first listen, the entire album and title seem to not be able to stay with me nor grow for me into loving it. There is just something off about this comeback, I am not sure what it is. I can’t even grow to love the song through music shows, since it is not being promoted. I am sad, I love Day6 but this comeback wasn’t for me. Time hasn’t helped, so I am sorry for not liking you as much as I thought I would. I’ll just go and listen to Love Me or Leave Me ten more times instead…

That’s all from me this month!

I definitely want to apologize to ASTRO’s One, like Lina already mentioned, as it ended up being my legit most listened to song of the month, somehow really getting better and better. I do not know what kind of addicting drug they put into it (okay, the drug is probably Moonbin) but it’s been doing wonders. Since Lina already said a lot about One, I won’t repeat the same cause I completely agree with her. No one makes songs that grow on you like mad like ASTRO, I swear. This was such a phenomenal era for them, earning them the most music show wins ever and I’m glad we got to witness it.

Now, a surprise for me and Lina both. So, initially I wasn’t feeling NU’EST’s Inside Out (original review: here) that much, the song sort of feeling too much like everything they’ve done before and the chorus not hitting me as much. Here’s the thing, Don’t Wanna Go is still the absolute superior song from the album (and not even joking, a strong contender for Top 20 of this year), but Inside Out randomly grew on me. I say randomly, but in reality I feel the real culprit are the music show performances as well as the Studio Choom one. Hello, so much Aaron time? Am I God’s favourite this month or what?

The choreography? Mamma mia, I had no idea half of these things were happening based on just music video. I really didn’t expect that Inside Out would grow so much on me, but here we are and I’m here for it. I still think NU’EST have a lot better songs but this one surely went up to high mid-tier for me when it comes to titles. The real question is, does anyone else listen to Overcome like it was just released? Just me… yeah, mental illness is hard to manage. People slept on that masterpiece for nothing.

April was a difficult and busy month for us, but music-wise I feel like it was quite a good one (SHINee and Hoshi giving us songs of the year) so let’s hope May continues the same way. See you in May! Stay safe, friends and make sure to tell us which song you’d apologize to!

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