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ITZY Are 마.피.아. In the morning And We Heard It In The Morning

ITZY are finally back after what felt like a century with 마.피.아. In the morning and new mini album GUESS WHO.

Well, I know I have been crying a lot about wanting more ITZY but MAFIA in the morning isn’t exactly what I was hoping for. ITZY were massive rookies during their debut year, and the follow up singles really set the tone and direction for upcoming girl groups. Honestly, I didn’t really feel Not Shy that much, it barely grew on me and I still find myself listening to their first three titles more often. I feel like ITZY are really struggling to find a sound post Wannabe. Besides that the music video for MAFIA in the morning is really cool, like damn the girls have never looked better! Chaeryeon world domination when?

Source: tumblr: tuanzie

MAFIA in the morning feels like a BLACKPINK reject, it really has all the elements of your classic BLACKPINK song but it also doesn’t reach that BAMF or level of catchiness. BLACKPINK songs of recent years have been really empty but weirdly catchy and had huge growing potential, MAFIA in the morning also has that growing potential and I can positively say that after the 5th listen I am kind of feeling it. But it just doesn’t convince me, since I felt iffy the entire time leading up to the release that I won’t like it, I am not that surprised. The teasers just sounded weird, but I know this is ITZY and their songs usually grow on me – and so will MAFIA in the morning and it already is, so there is that! Admittedly, I really enjoy the pre-chorus a lot, but Yuna’s rapping? That’s a no from me, it’s just really annoying, I am not sure exactly why.

Overall, I am a bit underwhelmed and disappointed with MAFIA in the morning but catch me bopping to this like a mad woman in a couple of days. The true star of the show aka the mini-album, has to be Tennis (0:0), this is the b-side on the album for me! Sadly, SHOOT! has way too much autotune for me to actually love, love it.

ITZY I am glad you are back I just wish your comeback was better.

I’ve seen everyone and their mama trash JYP for this song but this just sounds like your typical earattack song to me. First of all, who names their song MAFIA in the morning in the first place and second of all, why are they trying to turn Yuna into a talk-rapper? Let’s not play games producers, I will not be so forgiving. I understand that the verses are supposed to create some sort of eerie, suspenseful atmosphere but they just do not work, especially without any proper melody. The rest of the song, however, I actually like. While Not Shy took some time to completely grow on me, I think this song has a particular gentle approach I appreciate right away.

Source: getawaymp3 on Tumblr

I agree with Lina that MAFIA in the morning sounds like a BLACKPINK song, but more their b-side rather than a title track, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but considering ITZY have been building their own music style it does come off as somewhat confusing – why is this the path they picked this time around? However, in general, I actually really like the pre-chorus and chorus of the song, this isn’t actually a negative review. I think MAFIA in the morning has a special feel to it, particularly during that pre-chorus buildup which evolves into a pretty solid instrumental-led chorus which works for me because of the vocal layer over it. While this isn’t ITZY at their best, I will dare say I might end up listening to this a lot more than Not Shy. ITZY are incredible performers with so, so much stage presence and charisma and I think it’s simply due to this that MAFIA in the morning sounds solid to me. However, I have to say that this song gave me some 2nd generation vibes? A bit of Girls Generation during the The Boys era, I don’t know why (this obviously being about the pre-chorus & chorus combo).

What I have to compliment is the absolutely phenomenal editing of the music video which brought this to a whole another level and made it even more enjoyable. I particularly love the shot with the white outfits as they are such a stark and stunning contrast to the dominant black and dark colour palette in other scenes. Overall, not their best but I appreciate it enough to listen to it in the future.

Header Image Source: JYP Entertainment.

18 thoughts on “ITZY Are 마.피.아. In the morning And We Heard It In The Morning

  1. Yeah I was disappointed as I was not feeling the song at all. I tried listening to it again and I’m still not feeling it
    But the music video did have cool effects, especially in the dancing sections like how they joined Ryujin after her first verse


  2. This song made me so upset and I still can’t really find myself enjoying it much – I think I just find very little in way of a hook so I don’t find it memorable??? I don’t even really like the album either. What is life! They were like my beacon of hope hahahah


    1. I had all my hope set on them! What a disappointment. The only song from the album I really liked is tennis but that’s it. That being said.. with the performance added Mafia seems much more impactful..

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  3. I’m not sure if it’s because JYP doesn’t give a lot of vocal training to their recent girl groups or if it’s because Yuna is still young but her voice has not gotten any better since debut. Especially in this song, it just sounds super whiny to me. Yuna has the face, the charisma and the dance skills but her vocals and her “rap skills” really need some work

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  4. I didn’t enjoy Yuna’s rap either. Besides the speak-rap, I think it’s her pitch that also bothered me. I didn’t like the song, but it seems like it’s one of those songs that will worm its way into your head the more you listen to it.


  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I liked the video visually, but I didn’t care for the song itself. I found the song harsh, and I had gotten used to ITZY as a fun-loving, more upbeat sort of group (thinking of Wannabe).

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  6. I assume the song is inspired by the mafia game, which, if I’m not wrong, is basically the Korean edition of the Werewolf game. So the “in the morning” has a reason why it’s there I guess?? Like you have to vote out the who you think is the mafia before the morning comes??

    The song has cool ideas, I enjoyed Ryujin’s verses and the pre-chorus to an extent, but their first three releases would easily crush this.

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  7. Ahhhhhh this comeback honestly frustrated me mainly because the girl groups this year haven’t been very inspiring to date and with ITZY’s track record I really had high hopes. I feel ITZY have been so successful in establishing their own sound and brand and I understand the idea of musical growth but it makes no sense to me to release a song that is ‘JYP’s answer to Blackpink’ 2.5 years into their discography. The ‘speak rap’ reminds me of the worst trends from last year, and if weren’t for the pre-chorus/ITZY’s insane charisma I probably wouldn’t give this many listens, hopefully it grows on me similar to the way ‘Not Shy’ did. The rest of the mini-album is solid though, so that’s a positive – Tennis(0:0) is great!

    As a side note: The ‘Ring-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding’ line in the chorus is an early contender for my worst line of the year, no cap.

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    1. hahahah I relate to this so much. I suddenly liked the song a lot more after watching the performance? And now I don’t mind it, it doesn’t make this song any great though! I don’t understand why everyone is trying to be Blackpink when their music isn’t even good. I am annoyed.

      I just don’t like the autotune in some songs but the rest is solid that’s true!

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