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ONF Make Us Ugly Dance To Their New Song Because It Is Not What We Expected

ONF are back with the repackaged of their first full album CITY OF ONF and title song Ugly Dance.

Uhhh…. I am a bit? speechless? Riding on the wave that was Beautiful Beautiful and literally any other ONF song I was excited for us to get a repackaged of ONF’s first album. No idea what I expected from Ugly Dance but this was not it. The teasers for this sounded and looked promising. I mean, the intro to Ugly Dance sounds really fun to begin with – we get a bit of a mash up of previous ONF songs, but what is the rest of the song? Anyway, let’s focus on the music video for a second, which is basically a performance video, and doesn’t go all out as Beautiful Beautiful did. Wyatt looks great though.

Ugly Dance though is… sadly very, um excuse my language, ugly? What is that instrumental? What is that empty and bland chorus? What is Wyatt rap even? The only thing giving me anything is the bridge with MK absolutely popping off and the pre-chorus growing a bit on me after a couple of listens but overall I don’t really have much to say. I am shocked, confused, disappointed, and sad. I wanted more and ONF gave us nothing instead. Ugly Dance you could have stayed in the vault, I don’t even see how this is supposed to grow on me

A big but coming we get more songs on the repackaged and My Genesis goes a bit more rock ONF and it sound pretty fun on the first listen. Not sure I’ll listen to it much but I appreciate the German in the title, let’s go Übermenschen! The Dreamer is also pretty groovy especially with it going into The Realist at the end, love how they connect their songs. So I’ll just pretend one of the two is the title of this repackaged and not Ugly Dance

This almost sent me into a panic attack during the first listen because I just kept checking if I’m listening to the right song cause this is not ONF. I can’t believe people were hating on the catchy, fun Sukhumvit Swimming because that is miles ahead of this. On the second listen, Ugly Dance isn’t as jarring as the first time we heard it, the verses becoming a bit more fun and interesting, especially during MK’s parts. However, the chorus? This is what they decided on for the chorus? Interesting, and I’m not sure if that’s in a positive way. This personally isn’t something I would listen to a lot, but I do feel like it has a big growing potential as there are a few interesting aspects to it and at times even a fun energy. But, is this some sort of ONF-esque trap? Because I do not need them to explore that genre… well, ever.

I also have to agree with Lina on the music video as it’s just literally a performance video which surprised me considering the teasers for this repackaged have been dragging on for so long so it is expected that we thought we would get something massive, in both music video and sound. Listening to the album, the real question is – why isn’t My Genesis the title track? Not only does it continue the upbeat energy of Beautiful Beautiful, but it also has a wonderful structure and a proper bridge which I love. I love, love the electric guitar in its instrumental, the pop-rock vibes of 70s and the energy this song brings. This one is going onto my playlist as we speak.

All in all, My Genesis is robbed. Should’ve been the title with some sort of futuristic music video, similarly to Beautiful Beautiful.

Header Image Source: WM Entertainment

19 thoughts on “ONF Make Us Ugly Dance To Their New Song Because It Is Not What We Expected

  1. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it – another one of those songs from April that has left me super confused. I’ve kind of acclimatised to it over the week, but it has still left a little eyebrow raise haha

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  2. I actually kind of like it, don’t love it though. I love the atmosphere it builds, but wished that they did something with it. I actually think I would love it if it was not the successor to Beautiful Beautiful, which still gets better each listen.

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    1. I think I am the same if we didn’t have bops like beautiful beautiful or the realist just before this I might have liked it more. For now it’s still letting me down


  3. I actually kind of like it, even though I am supposed not to. It’s hip-hop, it’s not big, it’s just there. But somehow I can dance to it.

    Agree on My Genesis being MILES ahead of ugly dance though. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song like that in K-POP before.

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    1. I totally get it, after a few listens it’s definitely a lot less out of place, but I think we got so used to hearing a differently type of sound and melody from them that this was just shocking haha.

      My Genesis is so, so good! I’m glad you agree & we better get a good live performance or something similar of it! ☆


  4. You’re right, that’s definitely… interesting. And I’m speaking as a newbie who is usually very 😲 about the amazing sets K-pop artist use to record videos, such as Atlantis and Don’t Call Me (SHINee), Monster (EXO) and All Night (ASTRO, the opening shot alone is amazing!).

    So… I’m with you on this one!

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    1. Maybe the budget was a bit tight after the incredible Beautiful Beautiful music video but I feel like maybe the song would’ve benefited from a cooler set? (the songs you mentioned – chef’s kiss, such good sets! ♡) Maybe it will grow on us, who knows? 😅

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      1. I just checked out Beautiful Beautiful. Wow! I see what you mean!! And that gave me a bit of Spice Up Your Life vibes. Only better 😄

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  5. Hmm, I haven’t listened to them for that long, but I love the groove here. I had to go back and listen again to make sure I was hearing the same song you were. Total joy for me.


      1. I am always amazed at the breadth of responses. It’s like we’re all hearing different music, isn’t it?

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  6. And the blame goes to Hwanghyun which SOLELY AND ENTIRELY produced and wrote this haphazard song. A big oopsie I could say. I just didn’t want to have this. I agree. I was thinking if this is even ONF?!!! What were they thinking! That’s what you get when ONF/Wyatt doesn’t write the title track it sucks as fuck!

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    1. In defense of Hwang Hyun, he and his company Monotree have worked with ONF a long time. He’s a well-respected producer and lyricist and has had a hand in many of their songs. He’s credited along with Wyatt on Beautiful, Beautiful.

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      1. Hey Karen! I know. I am a HUGE MONOTREE fanatic! In the Insider Awards (my award show), they have won Producer of the Year and Record of the Year! They are so well respected by many critics, and industry peers. But this is not tolerable for me and that I am disappointed here because I love Hwang Hyun so much. But well, Ugly Dance is a wacky bop and it is growing on me.

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