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Artist Spotlight: ASTRO, They Are More Than Their Faces And Their Discography Proves It

You may have heard of Cha Eunwoo if you love K-Drama or maybe even ASTRO by this point. But we feel like not enough people appreciate these 6 guys as a group and the amount of fantastic music they have put out. So it is time to shine some spotlight on them!

I do not quite remember when I got into ASTRO If I am entirely honest with you but it was love at first listen. Their earlier work was incredibly groovy and now they have grown into a moodier image but I don’t think the quality of their music has decreased. ASTRO usually makes bangers and I love when a group gives me music and K-Dramas to enjoy. Since ASTRO is doing both with multiple members being fantastic actors I am completely here for it. People seem to love to reduce ASTRO to just Eunwoo (who has the smartest stage name ever) or complain about their concept change. But I, for one, don’t like grown adults acting like children, and I am pretty sure neither do they themselves. So here is to, grown-up ASTRO.

ASTRO debuted on February 23rd, 2016, under Fantagio Entertainment, which was on the brink of bankruptcy and now thanks to ASTRO is not anymore. I think we have all seen the article by now and who Fantagio’s highest earner is… Eunwoo is rich, rich. Anyhow ASTRO debuted with the title song Hide & Seek from their first EP called Spring Up. They consist of six members: JinJin (Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer), MJ (Main Vocalist, Man I’d die for), Cha Eunwoo (Vocalist, Visual, Face of The Group), Moonbin (Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center), Rocky (Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist), and Sanha (Vocalist, Maknae). All members are pretty active individually as well, Sanha and Moonbin also debuted as a sub-unit last year and brought us some groovy music! ASTRO also has a habit of releasing cute fan songs when they are on hiatus, which are usually really beautiful!

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Now, that we have the formalities out of the way, it is time for us to get into our favorite ASTRO songs. We tried to stick to four each since the post would get way too long otherwise! Their discography is so good it was really hard to pick our favorites, to be honest. So here are mine:

Crazy Sexy Cool (2017)

I wanna thank LDN Noise personally for giving us this absolute jam of a song. Crazy Sexy Cool is by far one of my favorite ASTRO songs. What a jam Crazy Sexy Cool is and also Jinjin and Rocky helped with the lyrics for this song. Geniuses in making their own raps. I feel like ASTRO is so underappreciated for their musicality. A crime to be honest. I love how fun the music video is for this song, this is ASTRO in their early stages, they are cute, refreshing, and a bit funny. But still so handsome. Eunwoo looks particularly good in this music video and Moonbin…Anyway, Crazy Sexy Cool has carried me on its back with its amazing pre-chorus for the past years and it will continue to do so in the future. It is “so easy to love”…

Dreams Come True (2017)

Dreams Come True is one of my favorite b-sides by a mile, it just gives me this very happy feeling inside and puts me into a good mood every time. Jinjin and Rocky helped with the lyrics of Dreams Come True as well. This is just pure fun and uplifting. Dreams Come True has a really catchy chorus and I can honestly hear a girl group also performing this song. Dreams Come True is from their fourth mini-album Dream Part 01 and represents pure summer fun for me!

Blue Flame (2019)

Some have called Blue Flame angsty, which… just because it is blue it doesn’t mean it’s angsty or moody… Blue Flame has its own groove and it is by far my favorite title track of recent years. ASTRO looks regal in that music video and naked Moonbin? Excuse me I might be looking… I love the music video for this song so much. Blue Flame is the group’s 6th mini-album and was released in 2019. I love the almost reggaeton undertones of the chorus. Blue Flame has a lot of names attached to its credits, but of course, Ricky and Jinjin helped again with the lyrics. Legends of being involved. MJ’s high notes during the bridge have to be my favorite. My god, the song just gets better the longer it goes on.

Puss In Boots (2016)

An old one to end this off, Puss in boots or Cat’s Eye is a b-side from ASTRO’s debut ep Spring up. It never fails to make me smile, even with its runtime just being under three minutes. Park Woo-sang entirely wrote and composed this song, and maybe he really did something here. I sometimes just need a fun, silly, and uplifting song, which doesn’t take itself too seriously to make me smile. And that’s what Cat’s Eye is to a T.

That’s it for my part of this AS, I hope you share at least one of our favorite songs. Make sure to share yours in the comments below!

ASTRO have been one of the last 3rd generation groups I started following early in their career and to see them blossom into such phenomenal artists has been an immense pleasure. They have been playing with different concepts, different sounds and in their 5 year long career (how has it been that long already?) they have really grown into their charm, stage presence and their all-rounder talents. Their discography has always been exceptionally solid, offering all kinds of styles, and with their latest release One which ended up being a massive grower from the start, they have really proved that they aren’t here to play anymore. Seeing them get their well deserved music show wins, gain new fans, and become Fantagio’s main artists has been such a wonderful thing to witness.

To pick favourite title tracks is especially a hard task but I let my emotions and memories lead me, so here are my picks.

Baby (2017)

Will you look at baby ASTRO? So cute. Baby was my first proper comeback with ASTRO and I have such fond memories of this era, looking back from where I’m today, everything seemed so much easier. Baby is the title track of their album Dream Part.01 and it’s one of their most recognizable songs when it comes to the first, bright part of their music career. I still love this song and the fun, colourful music video like the day I first saw it and there is just something about this song that still makes me happy and like I’m hanging out with my friends. Just boys having fun.

Always You (2018)

Always You was quite an emotional release for both fans and the group, coming after several months since their last comeback in the form of a special track right at the time when Fantagio was having major internal conflicts, many debating whether the company will even continue working. The group didn’t end up promoting the song like a regular release. Always You introduces quite a lot of electronic influences and plays a lot with its rhythm, offering something completely new from the group, including the serious, but fantastically shot music video. Always You is probably to this day still my favourite ASTRO song and there is just something special about it that I can’t really put my finger on. I’d say that this was also the turning point in their career, music wise too.

I am a sucker for emotional songs and ASTRO delivered this kind of feeling perfectly. MJ was especially shining a lot during this, as well as Moonbin and Rocky, who ended up getting a phenomenal singing portion as well (talk about mister all-rounder). Even though it’s simple, Always You‘s music video is also one of my favourites. This song just speaks to me on so many levels.

Knock (2020)

Knock, the title track of ASTRO’s seventh EP Gateway from last year, ended up being a massive grower for me. I liked it initially, but over time it’s like something switched in my head and I just couldn’t stop listening to it all throughout the year, even debating whether to add it into my Top 20 songs of last year. I think Knock aged like fine wine, making me listen to it quite often to this day. I think Knock‘s best aspect is its magical atmosphere, its strong, melody-led chorus and that stunning last chorus line which has some truly special feeling to it. I love the dreamy vibe of the music video, and I’d even say that Knock has some of the best rap sections ASTRO have offered so far. A wonderful release.

Innocent Love (2016)

Innocent Love is my favourite b-side, coming from their debut EP Spring Up and written by the incredible Iggy Youngbae. The fact that ASTRO really gave us this vocally-majestic treat as soon as they debuted? Show-stopping, never been done before. Not only is this one of my favourite ASTRO songs, it’s also somehow unmatchable when it comes to this grand, touching emotion even 5 years after its release. One of my favourite moments has to be that final section where they start singing in unison, making Innocent Love sound even more heavenly. I love the instrumental of this song as well, sometimes even reaching a rock-moment. Truly one for the books.

These are our favourite ASTRO songs, although we could write about the for days, so make sure to tell us yours!

You can find ASTRO on: Instagram ; Twitter.

Header Image Source: Fantagio Entertainment


6 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: ASTRO, They Are More Than Their Faces And Their Discography Proves It

  1. “Love at first listen” honestly SAME – as soon as I saw Crazy Sexy Cool as the first track on this list I was like ‘this is already excellent’ haha (that’s my ‘on repeat’ track). I love your selection, especially seeing tracks from ‘Spring Up’ and also seeing ‘Always You’ feature – definitely an emotional release.

    ‘All Night’ is a fave for me, and I’m constantly singing ‘Breathless’ even though I recognise that’s 100% a totally different era for them 😅😅

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