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ENHYPEN Have Us Drunk-Dazed With Their New Song

ENHYPEN is finally back with their second mini-album BORDER : CARNIVAL and title song Drunk-Dazed.

ENHYPEN are back kids! I made Una stan these babies with me, and she is now a bigger fan of Given-Taken than I was initially. We were both really looking forward to the groups first comeback! The teasers looked wild, and blond Sunoo? I wasn’t ready! My little guys are growing up nicely and I love to see it. Una and I first thought we would get a rock concept from the first teasers, but then it sounded like a rave in the next. What we got was get drunk, get stupid music with Drunk-Dazed, which from the title is pretty telling, but it is all wrapped up in some pretty bloody vampire story. There is a lot going on in the music video… it’s gorgeous though.

Source: tumblr: kimsunoo

I am a big fan of Jay but Sunoo world domination when? Anyway, Drunk-Dazed is pretty bombastic, we love some good rave music. I am kind of here for it? While Given-Taken gave us a lot more musically and vocal wise, this is a song you listen to to let loose, when you just wanna go crazy! I mean most of the boys’ vocals sound pretty muted and that chorus sounds like it will kill my eardrums with that keyboard smash sound in there, but sometimes that’s just want I want. I never expected Enhypen to go into this direction musically, but my anxiety is kind of here for it? This is what having anxiety feels like – like this chorus. I’ll be jamming to this when I feel overwhelmed and want to smash my head in. Drunk-Dazed is kind of a win for me in that regard. Let’s get those hearts racing everyone, burn off some stress. This is gonna carry me through the year, is it good? Sorta? I guess?

The rest of the BORDER : CARNIVAL is pretty good! I loved Fever on first listen and know this will become a huge favorite of mine. The song is pretty hot not gonna lie, but the entire album is also really cohesive and I like the direction their b-sides usually go. Kind of not as skip here, let’s get those 20 music show wins Enyhpen!

Okay, this was such an anticipated comeback here on the blog! Given-Taken and the debut album in general were fantastic and so it has been very interesting seeing how this comeback unraveled. The concept stayed similar, which is expected from HYBE by now, but the music style? Wow, we are in a completely different dimension. I feel like I’ll have to listen to Drunk-Dazed a few more times to actually absorb everything and see how much of it aligns with my personal music taste. The music video is another stunner, though.

Source: tumblr: Kimsunoo

Drunk-Dazed, somewhat unexpectedly, somewhat expectedly cause it’s called Drunk-Dazed, goes into the territory of what I’d call anxiety pop where the chorus makes your head spin and the instrumental of the song legit gets your anxiety levels up from its sheer upbeat and direct chaoticness. I initially thought it would be more rock inspired, based on the first teasers we got, and I think they would’ve eaten that up. However, this route they’re taking is quite interesting too and definitely unique on the current k-pop scene which you have to appreciate. I find it interesting how different the verses and the chorus are – the verses slowing things down and the chorus just making you feel like you’ve been dropped kicked into a tornado. My favourite part has to be the final section of the song where the melody is switched up a bit too. We will see how this grows on me, it’s interesting but I still prefer Given-Taken.

The album is quite solid and much more r&b-inspired than I expected? Especially the second half of the album has that type of feeling and I have to say I think they suit it quite well. My favourite from the album has to be Mixed Up as I just love, love, love the vibe it has and it actually seems more like a continuation of their previous album. I will definitely be adding this one to my playlist. All in all, unique for sure but let’s see how this all ages!

Header Image Source: BELIFT LAB Entertainment


10 thoughts on “ENHYPEN Have Us Drunk-Dazed With Their New Song

  1. I LOVE this song. I hadn’t heard of them until BrisXLife did a review of it on YouTube. I LOVE this song and it is on my playlist now. I can run to it. Love it, so much energy.


  2. THE ENHYPEN FAN CLUB ARE HERE! Actually reading your comments about ‘This is what having anxiety feels like ‘ made think… wow that’s probably the most accurate description I’ve heard, and yet I’m totally okay with being taken along for the ride. This song is soooo good (even if the vocal processing is kind of strange lol)

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  3. I was very much afraid you will criticise the song and the album for auto-tune. Because the critics will I’m sure. I’m glad you embraced the song very truthfully and honestly. I really love how Drunk-Dazed was completely moving and ripping me from my being. It was just amazing and breathtaking. Mixed Up might be my favorite b-side. I just love it.

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