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Song Of The Moment: Stray Kids – Miroh 

Welcome to Our Song Of the Moment where we spill on songs that have been out for a while but are keeping us going in a particular moment.

Welcome to my ultimate stress reliever of a song and apparently the start of “noise” Stray Kids. Miroh is with a good distance my most listened to Stray Kids title (closely followed by the queen Hellevator). But Miroh is surprisingly one of my favorite SKZ titles and that’s because it is so noisy. I am one of the annoying people who got into Stray Kids during their survival show in 2017 and have followed them closely ever since. Sadly, their fandom has turned into some sort of cult so I have taken a big step away from it and have been enjoying these boys’ journey quietly. (No judgement here you do you Stays, it just gave me mad anxiety).

Miroh works so well despite it being noise music is because it is so well balanced and produced. The production of this song is fantastic and make it just so much fun, it’s loud and makes your heart race. Also, I just love a good song which drowns out my thoughts and I can just let loose. Try listening to Miroh during an anxiety attack you will feel better after half a minute and then you’ll have fun! Miroh was the first song that strayed away from SKZ’s usual sound, which they had kept since pre-debut and it was such a pleasant surprise. Honestly, I don’t even mind Side Effects either, SKZ make the good kind of noise music. I am really grateful to them for giving me this song. Miroh has quite literally been one of my best friends since 2019 and I owe her. I am not sure why so many people hate this song as the build up is just amazing and the chorus is larger than life. Cut these boys some slack, Miroh might be one of their best titles to date.

Image Source: tumblr

As for the music video I absolutely love its concept and how fun and out of proportion it is. Stray Kids’ storyline is actually quite interesting and the idea of overthrowing corrupt regimes with Miroh blasting in the background? I like it. Also, Bang Chan is just really neat and nice to look at so… that blond long hair? What a look. What can I say, I am obsessed.

Header Image Source: Made by Lina for hallyureviews

7 thoughts on “Song Of The Moment: Stray Kids – Miroh 

  1. SKZ was the only live show I got to see in 2020 and Miroh was off the chain wild. As I was very new to them when I went to the show, I was hearing a lot of the music for the first time but I was familiar with Miroh. It is such an anthem that honestly blows up the atmosphere.
    SKZ are a powerful bunch and I have grown to really love and appreciate them. Their fandom on the other hand, needs a lesson or to on how to ‘fandom’ from the 2nd gen fans. My A+ background was certainly not ready for 3rd and 4th gen fandom antics, hostility and just plain rudeness. Inasmuch as I am an official Stay…I stay away from the fandom toxicity. All that negativity can certainly be channeled into something more positive, to be sure!✌🏻

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    1. I never sadly got the chance to see them live 😭 I bet they kill miroh live what a song! It has so much power!! I am glad they didnt disappoint you!

      Completely agree on the fandom thing! Its just a really toxic place to be which just lead me to not engage with them as much as I used to!

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