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Song Of The Moment: TVXQ – Tri-Angle (with BoA, TRAX)

Welcome to Our Song Of the Moment where we spill on songs that have been out for a while but are keeping us going in a particular moment.

Seems like the essential K-Pop, which is totally what we can call this, has been keeping me sane this year as I keep coming back to some of my favourite old K-Pop songs constantly. If there is anyone who truly made 2000s their own, it’s without a doubt TVXQ and their powerhouse melodies often crafted by the magician that is Yoo Youngjin. Tri-Angle is one of my favourite TVXQ songs and one of my favourites in general, fusing early 2000s K-Pop with j-rock influences and aesthetics. TVXQ truly delivered some of their best and most powerful releases while still a 5-member group and Tri-Angle is in my opinion easily one of them, especially since it’s such an interesting song, even when paired up with BoA and TRAX. I’m definitely not a classical music connoisseur but even I can tell how well classical and modern sound were combined in this K-Pop classic. Rising Gods of the East, for sure.

Tri-Angle is the third title single (after Hug and The Way U Are) of TVXQ’s debut studio album of the same name released in 2004. Written by Yoo Youngjin, Tri-Angle‘s strongest aspect is TVXQ’s stunning vocals combined with a recognizable classical melody in the instrumental – Mozart’s very own Symphony No. 40 in G minor. I don’t know if I ever would’ve guessed how well these two things combined can be, but Tri-Angle truly ended up being a master piece in my eyes, creating such a unique and atmospheric mood which is even more dramatic during BoA’s part. The whole early 2000s aesthetic with the questionable hairstyles (which they pulled off? Junsu and Jaejoong look amazing, I don’t care), heavy eyeliner and some very interesting clothing make this song and its music video a tiny time capsule which really provoke nostalgia, especially considering that we are only 3 years away from 2024. Existential crisis.

Source: Always keep the faith, Tumblt

Tri-Angle is dramatic, atmospheric, at times bordering on some sort of evangelion, but even though it is 17 years old (Jesus) it is still so incredibly fresh and interesting in its melody and general atmosphere. TVXQ just hit differently, always bringing something you haven’t really seen before to the table that is the K-Pop industry and it will be a long time before we get a group of their caliber.

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7 thoughts on “Song Of The Moment: TVXQ – Tri-Angle (with BoA, TRAX)

  1. WHAT A THROWBACK – although I tend to not actively go and put this song/album on play as much as I should, it’s always a pleaser. Their music felt really experimental (and in the exciting kind of way!)

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  2. Ah, the forgotten gem of TVXQ. This is actually one of my favorite reviews from you guys yet, well written!

    I just love this song, and like Deforested said above, more people need to review it. I definitely might write one, hopefully soon!

    Also, Changmin’s hair.

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  3. That is sad that only me and you have reviewed Tri-Angle. I think it is one of SM’s early quintessential masterpieces and a sure classic everyone forgot. I just wish this collab was more looked upon. I love the song!

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