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This Is The Most Over-Hyped Drama Ever – My ID Is Gangnam Beauty 

After binge-watching Moments of 18 Lina decided to catch up on another popular drama she had missed out on in 2018. But My ID Is Gangnam Beauty turned out to not be what it promised to be.

As you might know I am currently watching True Beauty (It is probably finished by the time this post is up) and I am enjoying it so far. The story might be cliché but the humor is absolutely great! And I really love the characters’ chemistry but more on that when I post that drama review! So that’s why I was desperately looking for a drama that is similar. As I didn’t feel like watching My ID is Gangnam Beauty back in 2018 and it also stars Cha Eunwoo and the premises is about the same I thought this would be a great choice. But boy was I wrong.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty lacks in so many ways and I don’t really understand why people actually love this drama so much. Yes it is an easy watch and far down the road it has a good moral message but all in all this bordered on unwatchable. The cast had 0 chemistry and the fact that half of them re-appear in True Beauty… how are these the same actors. I mean everyone grows but still.. Gangnam Beauty was.. something else.

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Anyhow, the main couple has no chemistry at all and I actually didn’t enjoy either Chan Eunwoo’s acting nor Im Soo-hyang’s, I realized that she was the lead in When I was the Most Beautiful as well and her acting hasn’t improved much sadly. That woman needs to start being more picky with the roles she chooses. Is she really just here to stutter around? Give us some bad ass acting woman please! Her character Mi-Rae thank God had some development towards the end of the drama but the way there was hard and rocky.

Also, I really didn’t enjoy any of the side characters too much, besides Mi-Rae’s friend Hyun-Jung, she was cute but we barely got anything from her. I hated all of the male characters, they truly disgusted me. I hate men even more now. Honestly, I understand what this drama tried to do and it did it’s job well to some extent. But I really wish we didn’t need plots like this and tha people who think like that know they are essentially wrong.

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My ID is Gangnam Beauty really lacked in humor, acting and chemistry and the ending gave us no closure what so ever when it came to some of the side characters. Might I say Soo-Ah is one of the worst characters ever but at least she had a good ending with an explanation and all even some redemption? Sigh. I really don’t want to go on about everything I hated about this. I’ll try to be positive since a friend of me told me that the lack of chemistry in this drama is why it is so entertaining and I can see that. The lack of chemistry made for some pretty funny scenes and some were also just so cringe-y wow.

Furthermore, the tropes in this drama just annoyed me so much because if there is anything I hate more besides cheating it is people being manipulative and women screwing over each other over a boy or validation. God I can’t stand that. I am too much of a feminist for that. My blood just boils and I end up hating everyone involved. Also? I really didn’t like the filter they put over this show? Like the colors look so muted it really took me a while to get used to.

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In all honesty, if you haven’t watched this yet. Do not bother nothing new to see here maybe give True Beauty a watch it seems to be mildly better, looking at the acting and humor (they are using some tropes I really hate though). But the story line is kind of the same and they are both based on webtoons! I really am wondering how I got through this drama. I guess looking at Eunwoo helped a bit and also some of my fave actors were in this as well. Truly I deserve a cookie for finishing this without crying in pain.

Please don’t get mad at me if you loved this drama I can see its appeal but for me as I watched this in the year 2021 it was just not it.

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14 thoughts on “This Is The Most Over-Hyped Drama Ever – My ID Is Gangnam Beauty 

  1. I agree about the humour and chemistry, the feelings in the show were pretty muted and flat. Both the main characters weren’t people who effusively showed emotion so it made for a lot of humour-less, awkward, and flat scenes.

    “Furthermore, the tropes in this drama just annoyed me so much because if there is anything I hate more besides cheating it is people being manipulative and women screwing over each other over a boy or validation. God I can’t stand that. I am too much of a feminist for that.” — that’s the thing, though. we are ~supposed~ to hate it. the point of the show was to show how everything about beauty, likeability, standards for women, and how women are supposed to strive to be good partners, and get the best men, are bad. all of that is a part of the vicious cycle that makes women pit against each other. i hated seeing those scenes but they’re making obvious points so that no one watching the show can deny it.

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  2. Im a big fan of Eunwoo, and so I watched it for him. His acting was atleast better than the female lead- like no expressions no proper way of talking, idk how she even became the main lead. But I really liked her dance new face! And Eunwoo improved his acting more in true beauty plus both the characters were same so u can see the difference. Lee suho was cold and so was do Kyung sok. In my case I enjoyed Lee suho’s character more and the romance was a lot better than gangnam beauty- idc about seojun shippers but shinshin is my fav!!!💕

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  3. I personally like the story, the acting and the charecter. I just didn’t get the chemistry it personally like the second lead kinda more and I can’t explain why. I just think they fit better. I honestly like how they talked about beauty, sexism, body image issues and body positivity. Revolutionary thought, but not everything should be a romance I good friendship is great to.

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  4. I haven’t watched this or True Beauty, but the fact that it’s pretty similiar yet the experience is so different made me think what really drives a drama.

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