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Pentagon Are An Eternal Flame 

Pentagon are back with a surprise gift song! Eternal Flame comes to us after their Online Concert and Hui’s postponement of his enlistment.

Hello everyone! On this day Pentagon have blessed us with a digital single and it’s absolutely beautiful. I am still not over the ride and joy that Daisy is and I am so glad we got another song and you know what? it is OT9. I thought we would have had to wait for this until after all the enlisting is done but we actually got a song with Yanan and Jinho on it together. I am kind of feeling really emotional here? It does not seem real. And I am so glad this also dropped while Hui is still around I figured this was initially planned for after Hui’s enlistment but since that’s been postponed here we are.

Eternal Flame is one of these really beautiful slow paced PTG songs with killer vocals and raps and a chorus that’s just catchy. I get that this is a gift for fans but I have to say the “uh-uh-uh” is just so goo in that pre-chorus. Wowza. And the chanting during the bridge? It just plays to all of our emotions and I am so happy about that. Might I say I’d die for Wooseok thank you for coming to my usual Wooseok simping. I hope you enjoyed it. These adlips are really insane btw. In case I hadn’t mentioned that!

Header Image Source: Cube Entertainment via Twitter

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