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The Blogger Recognition Award 2020

The Holiday season is approaching and with it comes the time to share some appreciation for our fellow hard-working bloggers who have made this year a joy in the blogosphere.

First of all, thank you so much to Annie of evening tea musings for nominating our blog and making our day! Make sure to check this amazing blog out (we are personally obsessed with their personalized k-pop playlists). ❤


Thank the person who nominated you and feature a link to their blog in your award post.

Post the award banner somewhere on your blog.

Share the reason why you started your blog.

Share two pieces of advice that could benefit new bloggers.

Nominate a maximum of fifteen other bloggers.

Tell your nominees about your award post so they can participate!


Hello everyone! It is such an honour to be nominated for this award and by such an amazing blogger non the less. As we are approaching the end of this horrible year I can surely say creating this blog was probably one of the highlights on it along with graduation. It’s really been a cool experience to share our opinions, our rants and meet some pretty amazing people on here. I am really hoping that 2021 brings us more quality content to write and rant about and even more new blogging friends cause so far we’ve been really enjoying it. Thank you everyone for making this year better!

1. Share the reason why you started your blog.

Short story would be that Lina made me do it haha. She came up with the idea and since we’ve been following a few amazing review blogs throughout the year it seemed like a nice idea to start our own too. It’s been a really good outlet for our feelings, even though we still sometimes struggle to find the right words. Sometimes we love something so much that we would gladly write about it for hours and sometimes we have to push ourselves to get anything out there. But, the point is that it is a good motivational force to make you productive and more in tune with your own thoughts!

2. Share two pieces of advice that could benefit new bloggers.

We are fairly new bloggers ourselves but I think the most important thing is to really do not care what others will think in regards to creating posts only to appeal to a certain audience. I’ve reviewed movies and books that I don’t really think anyone but me cared about but I wasn’t doing it for anyone else – our blog is our safe place for expressing our thoughts and feelings.

Another thing is that you shouldn’t be doing this all on your own unless you want to! Reach out to other bloggers, interact, make friends – blogging community is so wide and welcoming most of the time that it makes the whole blogging experience much better. Creating this blog also allowed me to find out about many other blogs I love but that I don’t think I would’ve had the opportunity to find out about.

Be yourself and enjoy the ride.

Wow, I woke up to seeing Annie nominate us and it truly made my day! Honestly, thank you from the bottom of my heart! This really means a lot. As new bloggers we never thought people would actually want to read what we are saying, so that people actually like it this much has surprised us! Thank you! 2020 has been a rollercoaster and this blog has giving me a sense of stability and structure which I am really grateful for. let’s see what 2021 will bring!

1. Share the reason why you started your blog.

Okay, Una basically said it all there before but we have always reacted to each other when comebacks came out. We are big multis and so we had always a lot of fun everyday with the amazing amount of music being released. As Una started to get me more into K-Pop related blogging I thought it would really be fun to take our chats and reactions to the blog and share them with the world! So here we are I asked her and she accepted and now we have this little safe heaven for our messy thoughts. This blog has really helped me through this year!

2. Share two pieces of advice that could benefit new bloggers.

First of all just be yourself, don’t try to fake anything just be authentic and honest. You are blogging for yourself mostly. We have found an outlet here and a place to put our thoughts and feel safe and understood. That’s what your blog should be for you.

Secondly, don’t stress about posting. If you don’t feel like writing that day don’t stress it. Yes posting regularly is pretty nice and keeps your readers fed but if your heart nor head isn’t in it don’t sweat it and take it easy. I write for a magazine and this blog and some days I am just not feeling it for either so I just take a step back. Blogging should be fun and not work!

Have fun!

Here are our lovely nominees, make sure to check them out:

Jei’s Kulture Notes @ jeiskulturenotes

Drama Snacked @ drama-snack-ed

Unbothered Unnies @ unbotheredunnies

Kittu’s Modern Mixtape @ mymodernmixtape

Berries & Books @ berriesandbooks

9 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award 2020

  1. Awww thank you so much for nominating me/the blog! It really means a lot! Reading your motivations and advice has been so nice to hear – especially the whole ‘Don’t stress about posting’ bit which I have sometimes felt when I feel myself wanting to do more but lacking energy. I think moving into next year I’m going to be a bit better at taking up Una’s advice of reaching out and connecting more!
    Thank you again for the nomination! I will be sure to complete this a little later. Sending loads of love and forever grateful to you both and for your blog!

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