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Artist Spotlight: Park Jihoon, Nation’s Second Pick That The Nation Needs To Appreciate More

Park Jihoon’s newest incredible yet under appreciated comeback has inspired us to dedicate a whole Artist Spotlight section for this incredible singer, rapper, dancer, actor… a true all-rounder. Let’s take a look into this young artist you should keep your eyes on and his diverse discography.

Hello friends and welcome to another Artist Spotlight, this time featuring the long planned Park Jihoon discography. Considering both me and Lina have been nothing short of obsessed with his latest comeback Gotcha (which I’ll leave for Lina to write an essay about since it’s the one that’s finally lured her in, fellow MAYs let’s welcome her) it is only right to take a look at this incredible young man and the quality music he has been providing us with these past (almost) 2 years. I am always in awe with the fact that he’s a whole group packed into one and his talents seem to only be growing stronger and stronger with time. From singing, rapping and dancing to acting – Jihoon seems ready to take on the world. And k-pop fans really need to give him some more appreciation and love cause he deserves.

gif from 360, courtesy of Tumblr

For those less familiar, Park Jihoon, born in May 1999, is a South Korean singer and actor who rose to fame during the Produce 101 Season 2, where he finished in second place overall and became a member of the boy group I’m sure you heard of – Wanna One. After his much successful work with the group and their disbandment at the end of 2018, Jihoon started a new path in his idol career. Originally training under SM and Fantagio Entertainment, and since 2017 signed under Maroo Entertainment, he debuted as a soloist in March 2019 with his EP O’clock and main single L.O.V.E and has since then given us 2 more EPS and one studio album, his latest one – Message.

Interestingly enough, Jihoon actually started his career as a child actor and has since then acted not only in musicals, but also in k-dramas, most notably and recently Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency and digital drama Love Revolution. Is there anything this man can’t do?

Here are my favourite Jihoon songs, although to choose so has proven to be incredibly hard. Enjoy!

360 (2019)

360 is Jihoon’s first comeback as a soloist and the title track of his second EP of the same name. It is also, without any doubt, my favourite Jihoon song and quite frankly one of my favourite newer k-pop songs in general. There is something about this song and this concept that is just… so perfect to me. It’s slower, but it’s not a slow song, it’s filled with these tiny rnb vibes that I’m obsessed with and it flows incredibly melody-wise throughout the whole song. Jihoon switching from his soft voice while singing to his deep voice while rapping is the last wonder of the world. But my absolute favourite part of the song has to be that dreamy pre-chorus that just makes me wanna close my eyes and go on a ride at night with my windows open. The music video is just as beautiful and dreamy as the song itself and it makes the whole religious experience of listening to it even better. I know I’m biased but this song really deserved much, much better, it’s gorgeous.

Yes, I’ve listened to it over 200 times… and what about it?

L.O.V.E (2019)

L.O.V.E is the title track of Jihoon’s debut EP O’clock and it’s a stunning one, both when it comes to the song and the music video. I’m not the biggest fan of beat/EDM/instrumental choruses but L.O.V.E somehow merges this kind of chorus with periodic vocalized sections and the switch up that the chorus instrumental does is still one of my favourite ones and it perfectly matches Jihoon’s soft voice during it. Yet again, to compliment Jihoon for both his singing and his rapping is a must and I feel like he keeps improving with each new comeback. The music video for this song is so beautiful and I love the castle scenery and red haired Jihoon was a sight to behold.

새별달 (2019)

This inredible b-side from Jihoon’s already mentioned debut EP has many translations which is why I opted for the Korean title. This is the song that reminds me the most of somewhat a love child of L.O.V.E and 360 and that’s a a very appreciated feeling. I absolutely love how even though the instrumental might seem a bit upbeat at times, the vocals soothe it and make it fit for this type of song. The bridge and chorus of 새별달 are just both really beautiful and catchy and that seems to maybe even be the thing Jihoon is best at.

MayDay (2020)

MayDay is the last song on Jihoon’s latest and first studio album Message and it’s an album that really shows off Jihoon’s versatility. From the title track Gotcha which is easily one of the best releases of the second half of 2020, to the various styles he explored in his b-sides, Message is a really interesting album. MayDay is a bit different than the three songs I mentioned here as it’s very modern, pop and up-lifiting which is to be expected as it’s a nod at his own fandom MAY. I love the lyrics of this song so much and it just creates a sweet atmosphere – You’re my lighthouse / On the endless sea.

Picking these ended up being a hard, hard thing to do but I hope you’ll give a listen to any of these songs and hopefully like them, too! Jihoon is an amazing artist and I hope he gains more and more support and love.

Hello from me as well you beautiful souls who actually read our blog posts. Una finally got me into the trap that is Park Jihoon’s discography and I am here and a full on MAY. Una always jokes how I am collecting the Wanna One members after their disbandment and I only have like one left? Park Jihoon is just my latest addition to my simp list and I have to say my son really snapped with Gotcha. To be honest I first started watching Love Revolution (for The Boyz’s Younghoon) and I was baffled when I saw the contrast between Jihoon in this web drama and his Gotcha stage. How is that the same man? I really regret not seeing the light when Una sent me 360 I now love that song. Anyway I am here now obsessed and head deep in this man’s business so let’s get into my favorites!

GOTCHA (2020)

First of all, why isn’t this queen on 1 million views yet. The audacity?! Second of all this song IS IT. Watch it be high up on my songs of the year list. my dude did not disappoint. Jihoon is gorgeous and he should always have this bad boy, blonde hair image because he can pull it off so well! This music video is kind of everything to me! But let’s talk about GOTCHA as the amazing song it is. The latin bop elements are absolutely everything, and the pre-chorus and Jihoon’s high notes. His rap is just as amazing has his vocals because my boy really can do it all? I didn’t like the Ko Ko Bop drop at the end of the chorus during the first few listens but you know what? it really grew on me and this song just slaps all in all. He has really outdone himself with this one and I need people to stop sleeping on this masterpiece.

Casiopea (2019)

Now, Casiopea is the b-side from Jihoon’s 2nd mini-album 360 if you ask me. I loved this song on the first listen and I love everything about this. The build up from the pre-chorus to the explosive vocal heavy chorus to the groovy elements. There is really nothing I don’t like here and it isn’t too out there and hype for me to get too excited. It has this very chill vibe that is also able to convey these heavy feelings and honestly I just want to spin across a nice meadow under a night sky to this song. It is that type of a song.

Wing (2020)

Okay Wings was the first Jihoon comeback I paid attention to and saved it on my phone right after it came out. I never listened to the full album though then or stanned. I have now so do not worry and I am obsessed. Wings is giving me all the EuroPop vibes? It feels like one of those kind of trashy EuroCup anthem songs? And I absolutely love it! That chorus is so catchy help. The song is giving me everything and Jihoon’s long hair is making him look like the most magical prince out there. I am disgustingly in love I do apologize. Jihoon shows off again that he can do everything from vocals to rapping and dancing. And the music video is so pretty desert bring Park Jihoon.

Driving (2020)

I wanna thank Jihoon for even knowing that Driving is that song by also promoting it. Because it is so good. This is one of my favorite b-sides from his The W EP. What a song that is it’s such a feel good upbeat pop song with this majestic chorus that makes you want to jump? This could have easily been a title and I love it. I want to go on a road trip blasting this song. I really enjoy how Jihoon takes it slow during the bridge to regain momentum towards the last chorus and it just puts me into such a good mood. And the choreography to this song is perfection. Please give us more Jihoon never leave us again.

Okay that concludes some of my favorites I have a so many more I couldn’t have possibly listed them all and it works out perfectly because Una picked some of my favorites as well! I hope we convinced you to listen to at least some of Jihoon’s music and give him a bit more light of you days because he really deserves it.

You can find Jihoon on: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

Header Image Source: Maroo Entertainment

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